The Drum: Study shows strong consumer support for LGBTQ+ representation in advertising

August 28, 2023
by Santiago Solutions Group


Survey of 2,300 US adults indicates that consumers actively seek brands that support the LGBTQ+ community and may cease their patronage if these efforts are reduced.

Amid all the controversy over LGBTQ+ advertising, a new report from the Cultural Inclusion Accelerator (CIA) and the ANA’s Alliance for Inclusive and Multicultural Marketing (AIMM) suggests that a vast majority of the general population not only feel comfortable with but actively support LGBTQ+ representation in advertising and media.

The study, which surveyed a diverse group of over 2,300 adults aged 18 and above from across the United States during June, sought to understand public attitudes towards LGBTQ+ representation in various forms of media and advertising.

The study arrives in the wake of a summer that saw several brands retracting their LGBTQ+ advocacy and a wave of anti-LGBTQ+ laws. Household names like The North Face, Adidas, M&M’s, Calvin Klein and Target each faced criticism from conservatives for their pro-trans marketing campaigns. Notably, the backlash Bud Light received for its campaign featuring a trans influencer provoked an undercurrent of fear among marketers.

But this research shows markers where consumers’ heads are at, and it tells a much different story.

Quote from Carlos Santiago, CEO & Chief Strategist:

“We have recently seen marketers’ confusion as to whether they should double down on their LGBTQ+ efforts or take some time to rethink their … inclusive advertising, particularly LGBTQ+, and assess consumers’ expectations of brands. We are witnessing a potential shift. We knew this was a special time in our environment, where we needed to hear from all consumers about how they feel about that LGBTQ+ representation.”

Read the full article here on The Drum website

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