Breaking Barriers in Media & Advertising: Carlos Santiago’s Induction into the Advancing Diversity Hall of Honors

April 18, 2024
by Santiago Solutions Group

At the 7th Advancing Diversity Hall of Honors event, held in Manhattan this April 2024 Carlos Santiago, CEO of Santiago Solutions Group and Co-Founder of the ANA AIMM (The Alliance for Inclusive and Multicultural Marketing) & the Cultural Inclusion Accelerator (parent company of the Cultural Insights Impact Measurement), was recognized among other leaders who have worked throughout their career to champion diversity within the marketing industry and broader media landscape. The event, led by MediaVillage Education Foundation’s industry visionary Jack Myers, brought together over 400 individuals from 50 organizations, illustrating the collective effort to advance these crucial values in the industry.

Being recognized alongside him were his colleagues, Lisette Arsuaga and Gilbert Davila, Co-Founders of ANA AIMM and the Cultural Inclusion Accelerator™ and Co-Founders of DMI Consulting. Their induction into the Advancing Diversity Hall of Honors is a testament to their career-long contributions towards diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging in the advertising and media industries. As a key leader at ANA AIMM, Carlos Santiago has been instrumental in pioneering initiatives that promote data equity, cultural insights, impact measurements, understanding and inclusivity of nuances across all segments.  His work underscores his and ANA’s commitment to leveraging data and insights to drive meaningful change in marketing practices, ensuring that they reflect the diversity and authenticity of all audiences.

The significance of such recognition is further highlighted in Santiago’s own words from a 2023 podcast in their series ‘LGBT+ Advancing’ where he emphasized the importance of brand communication in matters of social justice and diversity. He brings light to the continuously growing power that the LGBTQ+ community has, especially when considering the inclusion of 50% of consumers that identify as allies and base many of their purchasing decisions on brands that support their queer loved ones.

The Advancing Diversity Hall of Honors not only celebrates individual achievements but also acts as a beacon for encouraging sustained efforts toward inclusivity in media and advertising. The induction of ANA AIMM leaders like Carlos Santiago, Lisette Arsuaga, and Gilbert Davila, Gary Osifchin, Brianne Boles-Marshall, Isaac Mizrahi, and Aaron Walton, serves as both recognition of past accomplishments and inspiration for future endeavors critical for a more equitable industry.

For more details about the event and Carlos Santiago’s role within the industry, look at’s previous articles.

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AIMM’s Carlos Santiago to be Inducted into the Advancing Diversity Hall of Honors (Video) | MediaVillage

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