Inclusive Marketing Ep 91: Understanding diversity-owned and diversity-targeted media with Carlos Santiago

January 25, 2024
by Santiago Solutions Group

There’s lots of ways to reach out and find your ideal customer. A common way brands have always used is paid media. And as targeting improves, paid media is often a proven way to reach people from underrepresented and underserved communities.

In this episode, Carlos Santiago, co-founder of AIMM, the Alliance for Inclusive and Multicultural Marketing, and I chat about the benefits for brands of engaging in paid media, and the impact is has on the communities.

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More About the podcast: Inclusion and Marketing with Sonia Thompson

‘Inclusive marketing is rapidly growing in prominence, as more consumers expect that brands “see” them, be more inclusive in their marketing campaigns, and accommodate a broader base of customers that don’t cleanly fit into what is considered “mainstream.” The show is hosted by Sonia Thompson, an inclusive brand coach, strategist, consultant, speaker, and Forbes and Inc. columnist who’s helped brands and leaders alike attract and retain diverse customers. This podcast explores everything you need to know about building an inclusive brand, including customer experience, inclusive leadership, cultural intelligence, building diverse teams, inclusive language and imagery, and more.’



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