Case Study

A Sweetener Brand’s Successful Hispanic Acquisition
  • The Challenge: A renowned company in the sweetener industry enlisted SSG to help identify growth strategies for the Hispanic market through a stratified target sub-segmentation strategy.​
  • The Insight: Understand differences in sweetener consumption and usage among Hispanics and Non-Hispanics to develop differentiated targeted messaging and communications.​
  • Strategic Build/Idea: SSG developed Hispanic volumetric models in line with the General Market model. These models helped determine the overall growth potential, expected conversion volume, and prioritization of target markets, serving as a foundation for developing the Hispanic strategy. The Hispanic Marketing plan focused on the following areas – brand growth strategies, key brand attributes that drive loyalty/usage/frequency, product strategy, channel strategy, competitive analysis, pricing, promotions, and marketing programs. ​
  • The Results: SSG uncovered that over time, the sweetener brand was showing significant growth within the Hispanic market, however, awareness and first-time purchase trailed behind the GM. Strategic opportunities included closing the gap between awareness and trial, education opportunity linked to sugar intake and in-culture uses of a product like Splenda, health and diet, and reinforcement of reasons to use Splenda through culturally relevant and clear messaging tactics. ​
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