SSG’s Proven blueprints to cultural inclusivity & strategy excellence

Blueprint for Growth through Inclusive & Multicultural Marketing

Segmentation, Size of the Price, Growth Strategy

Segment Strategy

  • Addressable Target​
  • Primary Target ​
  • 360° Profiles​

Opportunity Sizing

  • Opportunity Prioritization​
  • Size of the Prize Modeling ​by Segment by LOB​
  • Scenario Planning

Multicultural & Inclusive Growth Planning

  • 6Ps Segment Marketing Plans/Growth Strategies for Multicultural, LGBTQ+, and Disabilities segments​

Blueprint for Continuous Cultural Optimization

Cultural Insights, Concept Testing, Copy Testing, Implementation, Customer Experience

Marrying Brand DNA with Ownable Cultural Insights​

  • Syndicated data research​
  • Ethnographies​
  • Shop-alongs​
  • Price sensitivity analysis

Cultural Concept Testing​

  • Qualitative focus groups
  • In-depth-interviews
  • Dyads/triads​
  • Quant survey

CIIM™/DEI Accelerator™ Ad Copy Quant/Qual Testing​

  • Quant/Qual copy testing​
  • Benchmarking against competitors and universe

Cultural Feedback Loop Guidance​​

  • Marketing-DEI Journey​
  • Cultural & DEIB Infusion in the Creative Process​
  • Cultural competency boot camps​
  • Cultural content strategy​

Cultural Feedback Loop Guidance​​

  • Cultural audits in user and customer experience​
  • New product/services design

“If you are not doing Multicultural Marketing today, then you’re not doing marketing”

Marc Pritchard, CBO at P&G

We understand your needs to grow efficiently –whether it be from a specific or multiple market segments. We apply our deep cultural insights and general market expertise to leverage efficiencies between markets. Our business expertise is committed to growth by aligning your company with diversity consumers and marketing efficiently to them.

See our solutions in action

A Sweetener Brand’s Successful Hispanic Acquisition

A Sweetener Brand’s Successful Hispanic Acquisition

The Challenge: A renowned company in the sweetener industry enlisted SSG to help identify growth strategies for the Hispanic market through a stratified target sub-segmentation strategy.​ The Insight: Understand differences in sweetener consumption and usage among...

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A Path to Success through Market Expansion and Growth​

A Path to Success through Market Expansion and Growth​

The Challenge: A leading company in the food industry partnered with SSG to research and develop a strategy for achieving sustainable and profitable growth across acculturation levels within both the US Hispanic and Non-Hispanic markets. With the goal of doubling in...

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