Case Study

Journey to Becoming Hispanics’ #1 Healthcare Provider​
Health Insurer

The Challenge: A prominent health provider tapped on SSG to develop a holistic Hispanic business strategy for Medicare and a related program through a differentiated end-to-end experience to become Hispanics’ preferred healthcare plan across all lines of business.​

The Insight: Hispanics are more likely than other segments to be uninsured.​

Strategic Build/Idea: To become the top healthcare brand, the business case involved achieving the following goals for the Hispanic market – enhancing vertical capabilities, improving data measurement and reporting, increasing brand preference among Hispanics across all lines of business, and obtaining the NCQA Multicultural Distinction.​

The Results: SSG facilitated the health provider’s long-term goals by identifying key trends in Medicare and the related program, evaluating competitive advantages in the Hispanic market, assessing readiness to serve insured and uninsured Hispanics, and creating a Hispanic business case and strategy for Medicare and the related program. This strategy included prioritized recommendations and actions in communications, offering and plan design, sales channels, member experience, and measurement/KPIs. Additionally, SSG’s work contributed to the achievement of the NCQA Multicultural Distinction.

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