CIIM makes a direct correlation between culture and business performance such as enhance brand perception, increased ad effectiveness, and lift purchase intent. … Read More


These 6 Ads Are the Most Effective Multicultural Marketing Messages in Recent Years

“Nothing Comes Easy” by Grey New York for Procter & Gamble is among a small group of top-performing multicultural ads. Nov. 9, 2019. Denny’s, Nationwide and Walmart are among a small group of companies with multicultural advertisements that performed highly with African American, Hispanic and LGBTQ+ audiences. … Read More


Cultural Relevance Boots Ad Effectiveness, Say New ANA Metric

Sep. 23, 2019. AdAge by I-Hsien Sherwood.- Marketers looking to improve the inclusivity of their campaigns have a new tool—and new reasons to use it. On Monday, the Association of National Advertisers released the Cultural Insights Impact Measure, a metric that gauges the cultural relevance of an ad and the extent to which it reflects genuine insights that speak to consumers of all backgrounds. … Read More

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Tripling Ad Effectiveness and Purchase Intent in the Most Relevant Context with New CIIM™ Metric

Tripling Ad Effectiveness and Purchase Intent in the Most Relevant Context with New CIIM™ Metric Marketers are beginning to plan how to reset brands’ growth trajectories after losing ground during the current COVID-19 crisis.  One thing is clear, authentic connections … Read More

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Brands Get a New Metric to Assess Cultural Relevance

March 25, 2020. AdExchange by Sarah Sluis.- When ads positively portray people from a racial or cultural group, or contain cultural insights that resonate with members of that group, they measurably boost brand KPIs such as purchase intent, brand loyalty and brand relevance. But efforts to measure cultural inclusivity are in their infancy... “Many marketers believed they were doing multicultural marketing but in fact they weren’t using any culture in their outreach to this segment,” said AIMM President Carlos Santiago. Using CIIM addresses this gap. ... Read More

The Cultural Impact of Network Programming

Cracking the diversity code for content is no easy task. Media and content creators constantly ebb and flow while attempting to satisfy their audience's myriad tastes. African American and Latino audiences have long been marginalized in mainstream media despite the reality of their dominance in cultural relevance. ... Read More

CIIM Programming Insights – INFOGRAPHIC

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Cultural Insight Impact Measure is the industry leading metric that validates the impact and effectiveness of cultural insights in ads […]

ANA’s Annual Meeting Begins with Major Focus on Multicultural Marketing

EJ Schultz

ANA CEO Bob Liodice hones in on diversity in opening speech, ignores hot-button issues like media transparency By E.J. Schultz. […]



It’s time to #SeeALL. As marketers, our role is simple: deliver growth. Today’s modern family – our customer – is […]

Multicultural Segments Growth Surges 58%; White NH Decline Accelerates


Non-Hispanic White Segment Decline Accelerates. Multicultural segments jumped 2.8M from 2016 to 2017 compared to a 1.8M increase from 2015 […]