Navigating Hispanic Health in America: Top 5 Lessons Learned

April 07, 2023
by Santiago Solutions Group

Santiago Solutions Group, Inc (SSG) is excited to attend Xpectives.Health’s Annual Summit. We will share findings driving cultural resonance in pharmaceuticals and healthcare communications.

The Hispanic community is expected to gain 8 million in population by 2028 at a 2.7% growth rate per year. It is now more important than ever to understand how Hispanics feel about the current healthcare industry. Demographics and cultural nuances between segments can greatly affect their behaviors and attitudes towards their general health, doctors, medication, and more. Let’s dive into 5 quick fundamental characteristics when looking at US Hispanics:

    1. Hispanics are considerably healthy
      When analyzing data from the CDC, Hispanics have lower incidences of cancer, coronary heart disease, high cholesterol, hypertension as compared to White Non-Hispanics, yet are more likely to suffer from diabetes and obesity.
    2. Hispanics trust the value of brand names
      When choosing the best option for medications, Hispanics prefer newer and brand-name drugs (even when they cost more).
    3. 7 in 10 Hispanics are Health Insured
      25% of US Hispanics have an HMO and 20% have a PPO. Of those insured, 42% obtain insurance from their place of work and others from the government, unions, spouses, etc.
    4. Half of Hispanics struggle to maintain healthy behaviors
      Over half of Hispanics report not taking care of themselves as well as they should because of this, their busy lifestyle, and lower financial security.
    5. Hispanics are more likely to be skeptic of their doctors
      63% of Hispanics worry that their doctors recommend treatments that earn them the most money. They are 24% more likely to feel this way than White Non-Hispanics.

Understanding these key differences among your target marketing can lead to a better understanding of their values, purchase drivers, and obstacles faced. These insights, along with even more specific findings and guidance through the expertise of Santiago Solutions Group, can lead to more informed marketing decisions and communications to help your brand continue to grow in multicultural markets.

SSG analysis of Claritas projections of Census Data
SSG analysis of 18+ CDC, 2021
SSG analysis of 2022 MRI-Simmons Spring Doublebase 18+ USA

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