Building More Inclusive AdTech Platforms from Programmatic to AI

August 29, 2023
by Santiago Solutions Group
CEO & Chief Strategist, Carlos Santiago, gathered with multicultural marketing industry leaders and DEI champions at the July AIMMIE Member Forum to discuss with a panel the obstacles technology can bring into multicultural marketing for advertisers.

Session Details:

AdTech, technologies for advertisers, such as programmatic media buys, have advanced cost efficiencies and great scale at the expense of media and target representation and the quality of brand connections. This has negatively impacted nascent and diverse-owned media in many ways, including their ability to scale up content inventory and technology infrastructure. Our panelists will spotlight technology hurdles for Multicultural and Inclusive audiences, various innovations being deployed, and what best practices marketers can begin to implement.


“Sure. In terms of the marketplace today, we see a lot of fragmentation. There’s also an authenticity gap. And by that I mean that pierce through to figure out some of these content creators and these platforms and figuring out that they’re there. And also the return to privacy first, having user anonymity privacy and getting away from third party ad tech. So from that perspective, those three points are, are paramount to understanding the multicultural landscape.” – Tony Gonzalez

“Frankly, brand safety is safe for some but it’s not safe for and what I mean by that is the chaos of the early days of video everywhere we created rules, regulation block lists, keyword lists, etc. But they were done in a very blunt way. We actually have a list of 155,000 English language, keyword lists, and all those keywords at the moment is Muslim woman, gay, LGBT, queer, black, etc. And those are all on clients keyword lists, and they don’t even know because they’ve been baked in and kept there over time. And they’re out of date. They’re irrelevant and they’re dangerous.” – Philip Cowdell

When you have major agencies that have teams of three, four people, controlling billions of dollars of what brand safety is three, three and four people is not enough. Because it’s not necessarily a technological issue. It is it is a human resources issue. It’s this is about analytics and looking at those lists and revisiting those lists and having conversations and you know, the teams are not big enough […]  So it’s, it’s, you know, people like him that are revolutionizing. But the entire Holdco is not necessarily in full support of that yet. So you need those Gladiators, not just the champions” – Charles Cantu

“So for us, one of the benefits of working at an agency like ours is that for clients, our spend anything that we put in the marketplace is considered diverse and DE&I focused, but we feel a responsibility to the marketplace. So we’re focused on taking it to that next level with our supply chain. And how are we sourcing diverse owned media properties? And how are we thinking about ethical targeting? You know, at the end of the day, our job is to identify an audience, and we’re essentially through it through the lens of media, we’re monetizing people’s lives. So we want to be as accurate and honest and ethical as we can be.” – Scott Marsden


Carlos Santiago (Moderator), AIMM Co-Founder & CEO of SSG
Charles Cantu CEO/Founder, Reset Digital
Philip Cowdell Chief Strategy Officer, Channel Factory
Tony Gonzalez CEO, Mundial Media
Scott Marsden EVP, Media & Analytics, Quigley Simpson


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