Capturing The Right ‘Healthy-Driven’ Shoppers For Your Brand

Healthy living has hit the American mainstream, with more and more consumers changing their attitudes, lifestyles, and shopping habits. However, striking a balance between healthier alternatives is a huge challenge for marketers. We will delve into the mind and choices of the increasingly health conscious breakfast shopper as we take a planning roadmap with varying degrees of healthy lifestyles as a barometer.

Millennial Force Speeds Ahead

Millennials are now increasingly optimistic about their own future value and stability.They are obtaining employment at a significantly higher rate than total population, managing to sustain these jobs and, even still, avoiding risky investment decisions. Millennials are now at the most accessible point since the recession for durable purchases.

Total Market Healthy Movement: WellnessSpectrum

Eight major breakfast brands received top honors when the 2014 Wellness Brand Awards were announced at the Hispanic Retail 360 Summit in San Antonio hosted by Stagnito. The winners were chosen from among 240 CPG brands competing for a “share of stomach” in various breakfast sub-categories. The awards were presented at the Tapping Into the Total Market’s Healthy Living Movement session, presented by Santiago Solutions Group (SSG). The session reveals how easy it is to apply predictive analytics, such as the new SSG Wellness Spectrum™ powered by GfK MRI, to discern consumer patterns that may enhance growth for marketers.

“Adiós Rusty. Meet Rufo!” Growth in the Pet Industry Comes with an Upscale Latino Treat

SSG analysis reveals that contrary to the belief that Hispanics are less likely to make pets full members of their families, Upscale Latinos are increasing pet ownership dramatically while other segments are nearly flat or declining.

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Tapping Into Consumers’ Healthy Movement Through A Total Market Insights Approach

With a goal toward accessing Total Market strategies through the growing healthy-driven movement, SGG has launched SSG Wellness Spectrum™ powered by GfK MRI, an advanced analytics tool designed to incorporate wellness propensities & consumption insights to ground Total Market strategies across segments. ... Read More

Healthy-Minded Shoppers Across Cultural Segments Disagree on Healthy Brands Choices

Despite commonly accepted notions of “healthy” among consumers, SSG’s recent analysis of “Healthy Breakfast Brands” revealed that there were no common brands among the top 2 “Healthiest Breakfast Brands” among various multicultural segments: Hispanics, Millennials, African Americans and White Non-Hispanics.

2014 Wellness Brand Awards In Breakfast Category

The wellness brand winners were chosen from among 240 CPG brands competing for a “share of stomach” in various breakfast sub-categories. Brands’ wellness scores were measured by aggregating the wellness scores of its specific purchasers and then the 240 brands were ranked from highest wellness score to lowest across Total Market, Millennial, Hispanic, African American, and White Non-Hispanic segments.

The True ACA Multicultural & Millennial Story:Uneven Progress -> Vast Potential

As companies gear up for the upcoming Round #2 of ACA enrollment, a review of SSG’s statistical analysis of the 2013-14 ACA enrollment efforts reveals the real progress made during ACA Round #1, pinpoints what segments will generate the bulk of the opportunity ahead, and provides insight on the next recruitment effort to win new consumers.

5 Distinct Differences Between New ACA Exchange Insured & Group Insured Consumers

SSG decoded key differences between long standing insured and new ACA Exchange consumer, which could improve relationships and retention with current new ACA enrollees.