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“Adiós Rusty. Meet Rufo!” Growth in the Pet Industry Comes with an Upscale Latino Treat

SSG analysis reveals that contrary to the belief that Hispanics are less likely to make pets full members of their families, Upscale Latinos are increasing pet ownership dramatically while other segments are nearly flat or declining.


As the U.S. GDP inched up 2% annually since 2010 to $15.5T in 2013, the 10 most influential Total Market (TM) states yielded the brunt of the economic expansion. These 10 TM states generated nearly 60% of the country’s net GDP growth. Fueled by a population base that is 60% Multicultural, TX & CA account for a third of the total U.S. GDP growth. NY, FL, & GA are next in line to become majority Multicultural by 2025.

Targeting the Healthy-Healthier American Consumer Through a Total Market Insights Approach

Which consumers will be most responsive to ‘new & improved’ healthy and green offerings? Which consumers are compromising wellness? Which consumers rather indulge? How brands rank in consumers’ wellness spectrum? SSG will illustrate the upside potential of more effective targeting, messaging and path to purchase through an actionable Total Market insights approach

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We guide clients to focus their resources toward the highest ROI growth opportunities by delivering ownable insights, projectable opportunity volumetrics, fact-based marketing plans, and customer journeys that respond to influencers and high-value prospects.

We get there by leveraging our client-side experience, applying rigorous predictive analytics that yield accurate manageable priorities fueling highly actionable & effective Total Market roadmaps.

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The True ACA Multicultural & Millennial Story:Uneven Progress -> Vast Potential

As companies gear up for the upcoming Round #2 of ACA enrollment, a review of SSG’s statistical analysis of the 2013-14 ACA enrollment efforts reveals the real progress made during ACA Round #1, pinpoints what segments will generate the bulk of the opportunity ahead, and provides insight on the next recruitment effort to win new consumers. ... Read More

5 Distinct Differences Between New ACA Exchange Insured & Group Insured Consumers

SSG decoded key differences between long standing insured and new ACA Exchange consumer, which could improve relationships and retention with current new ACA enrollees.

U.S. Labor Force: Multicultural Millennial Tipping Point

The U.S. economy has not benefited from the economic boom of past young adults’(25-34 year olds) typical household formation spending spree. Multicultural Millennials are now driving the growth of overall Millennials joining the gainfully employed. For newly employed Millennials, new jobs are the gateway to a new life stage.

Ten Most Influential ‘Total Market’ States: BUYING POWER [INFOGRAPHIC]

The U.S. economy hinges on the 10 leading TM states where Multicultural purchase power makes up about a third of the base and also a major contributor to the incremental Buying Power. In fact, over 4 in 10 new consumer purchasing dollars are generated by Multicultural segments in the Top 10 TM states as opposed to 1 in 5 in the other 40 states.

Hispanics That Earn More Than $50,000 Are 40% of Hispanic Buying Power – La Prensa

May 19, 2014. Miami, FL. EFE Agency – USA.- Hispanics with income above $50, 000 per year represent 40% of this minority’s buying power. They like luxury goods and quality products, particularly those that approach them with a positive attitude, according to the AHAA and Nielsen.