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A close look at the target audience and the revelations gleaned from one-on-one outreach in preparation for “Espíritu de Progreso Latino” were crucial to the campaign’s success.

January 6, 2010. HispanicMarketWeekly.com

A close look at the target audience and the revelations gleaned from one-on-one outreach in preparation for “Espíritu de Progreso Latino” were crucial to the campaign’s success.
“It allowed us to align our efforts with both consumers and the community,” insists Bill Cherrie, vice president of multicultural marketing for Pernod Ricard.
He adds that without such detailed knowledge the campaign would have been a sales effort, not the opportunity to establish an intimate relationship with Hispanic consumers and showcase Chivas Regal 18’s ties to their communities.

Campaign creator Santiago ROI conducted a 1,500-person quantitative study plus 100 field interviews in the U.S., Mexico and Puerto Rico to determine what issues dominated Latinos’ concerns about success and economic progress as well as what causes were important to them.
“It allowed Pernod Ricard to personalize the relationship between the cause and the consumer so that the brand relevance is greater,” says Carlos Santiago, president of Santiago ROI.

In New York, Santiago ROI conducted sized up the whiskey market, using various tools to identify both the total market and the Hispanic component. This, notes Santiago, gave Pernod Ricard an in-depth understanding of how big the market was from a competitive perspective.

The quantitative study, complemented by the interviews, clearly identified the target audience among the Latino community.
“That allowed us to focus on linking the brand with consumers’ stories of aspiration and progress plus efforts to help their community,” says Cherrie. “The goal is to uplift their spirits.”

At the neighborhood level, Santiago ROI teamed up with Pernod Ricard’s sales force to identify which retail stores fell into the campaign’s geographic target market. Conversations with retailers delivered hands-on information about consumer trends and preferences. This insight proved key in the Espíritu de Progreso Latino’s retail activation component and the language used for particular messaging efforts.
“These efforts allowed us to develop a 360-degree program that combined consumer messaging with community messaging and local partnership assets to align our efforts,” says Chivas. “It helped people understand that when they buy Chivas we’re contributing back into the community and to the economic development of the neighborhoods.”

Santiago points out that socially minded or cause-related marketing efforts have become more popular among advertisers, as they seek to be part of the solution to social issues and other causes.
“Consumers want to see their preferred brands active in those efforts,” says Santiago. “But to do so, brands need to know what their target consumers’ needs and concerns are.”

A Look At The Numbers.- Pernod Ricard saw impressive results from its hyper-local Espíritu de Progreso Latino campaign in Hispanic New York. The company used various measurement tools – from Goggle Analytics to Facebook tracking applications and random exit surveys – to determine sales activity and consumer perception of Chivas Regal 18.

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