Webinar Recap: Cultural Inclusivity in Healthcare & Pharma Advertising

May 22, 2023
by Santiago Solutions Group

Learn cultural inclusivity best practices from an SSG healthcare and pharma advertising study utilizing the Cultural Inclusion Accelerator’s CIIM & DEIB tools, which measure cultural relevancy and DEIB reflections in ads. The quali/quant study assessed 57 ads among 34 brands, including perceptions of cultural attributes, DEIB measures, cultural insights and nuances from themes, visuals, and music. This is a brief snippet of the full live session presented live at Xpectives.Health 2023 Summit. We will share areas that need improvement in terms of cultural inclusion and advertising effectiveness, leading to the creation of more persuasive and impactful healthcare and pharma advertising in the future. The results of this analysis will offer valuable insights for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, helping them to raise the standard of their advertising campaigns.  For more information on this full study, reach out at [email protected]


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