Fortune 500 construction manufacturer USG-Sheetrock contracted Santiago Solutions Group to develop a 3-Year Hispanic Strategic Marketing Plan.We began by evaluating:

  • Current GM marketing plans
  • Existing primary and secondary research
  • Client sales data

Santiago Solutions Group defined USG’s Hispanic market share across multiple products and Business Units. We also conducted In-Market site visits to analyze Hispanic pro building trade and consumer trends, behaviors and insights.

Evaluating all intelligence gathered, we developed comprehensive Hispanic Profiles of the target audiences (Pro’s, Remodelers, Do-It-Yourselfer’s). These Profiles detailed behaviors, preferences, aspirations and purchase decisions of Hispanic consumers and how they relate to USG and their products. Using these insights, we identified existing and potential opportunities within the Hispanic pro market and benchmarked these against the General Market.

We then evaluated USG’s internal Business Units and Brand portfolios. We applied learnings from our data mining and research to this evaluation and developed specific Opportunity-Sizing recommendations.

Following these Opportunity-Sizing recommendations, we created a Hispanic-specific Business Strategy for USG that aligned with long and short-term ROI. This Business Strategy directed individual Business Units, products and geo-targeting to maximize USG sales and growth within the Hispanic market.

Our next step was to develop a multi-phased Marketing Strategy. This Marketing Strategy provided a roadmap to achieve growth in market share and Hispanic contractor sales.

Based on detailed insights into the mindset of Hispanic pros and consumers, Santiago Solutions Group anchored the Marketing Strategy in relationship-building between USG brands and Hispanic Contractors, Remodelers and Do-It-Yourselfer’s.

The rationale behind this relationship-building strategy was to lay the groundwork for valuable long-term communications, brand-building and ongoing product offerings with Hispanic customers.

We then created a 3-year, integrated Marketing Communications plan for USG. This plan aligned with the Marketing Strategy we developed for their Hispanic segment and detailed a series of tactical programs to meet their strategic goals.

Tactical programs ranged from time-sensitive sales promotions in key retailers and markets with retail activation, digital and in-field marketing support, to relationship-building initiatives with top Hispanic contractors, providing custom marketing tools and opportunities for long-term engagement.

The first year of tactical programs’ activation generated positive results in both brand awareness and sales among USG’s Hispanic customers and key distributors. One example was a targeted promotional campaign in Dallas and Atlanta markets. This campaign to Hispanic contractors and foremen generated up to 52% CTR through geo-targeted online advertising.

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