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Latinos Galvanized by Arizona Immigration Law – Los Angeles Times & others

July 14, 2010 - Hispanic Federation and LULAC report shows that Arizona’s SB 1070 immigration law has energized Latinos in support of fair, comprehensive federal immigration reform. ... Read More

Cautious Optimism for Latino Businesses, Entrepreneurs – Northern Colorado Business Report

July 28, 2011. Norther Colorado Business Report by Ana Arias.- The Great Recession hit wage earners across the board, some more than others. A nationwide survey of 600 Latinos conducted in 2009 by LatinoMetrics revealed that half of Latino families were bringing in less income than the previous year, with one in three making the same money and only one in seven making more greenbacks. Survey data also revealed that six in 10 Latinos were making ends meet; four of those indicated it's not easy but they're getting by. One in 10 said things are looking up, and another one thought all was moving along swimmingly. ... Read More

Study: Hispanics View Racism at Center of Immigration Debate – POLITICO

July 14, 2010. A 30% plurality of Hispanics living in the U.S. view racism at the heart of the immigration reform debate, according to polling data released Wednesday by Latino advocacy groups. ... Read More

With Election Looming, Three Polls Confirm Immigration Tops Latino Voter Concerns – America’s Voice

August 10, 2010. Three recent polls of Latino voters show how the current immigration debate—including the national attention to Arizona’s anti-immigrant law—has dramatically influenced Latino voters’ view of political candidates, as well as their propensity to vote in November. ... Read More

US Latinos’ Perceptions & Actions Around Immigration Debate: Law Enforcement, Lifestyle and Voting Impact

July 14, 2010. The US Latinos’ Perceptions & Actions Around Immigration Debate is a special June 2010 Wave of LatinoMetrics co-sponsored by the Hispanic Federation/LULAC. The study is designed as a deep dive into the perspectives and actions of US Hispanics around Immigration Reform, Arizona SB 1070 and the advent of similar laws in 22 states across the country.The goal was to accurately understand how the entire Latino community perceives these issues. LatinoMetrics study focused on significant sociological anchors from a US Latino perspective. ... Read More

Latinos Hard Hit by Economy but Cautiously Optimistic – Reuters.com

December 22, 2009 Latinos, hit harshly by the recession, close 2009 with mixed perceptions about their well-being and where the country is headed, but they are generally supportive of Obama and health care reform. ... Read More

Latinos Overwhelmingly support Health Care Reform – MarketWatch.com

December 21, 2009 Latinos close 2009 with the economy and jobs as the most important issue yet give overwhelming support to health care reform. ... Read More

AdAge: Super Bowl Advertisers Fell Short on Key Diversity and Inclusion Measures, Analysis Shows


The ads got particularly bad scores when it comes to ‘cultural relevance,’ especially from Hispanic audiences, according to a new […]

ANA/AIMM Commitment to Systemic Change in Marketing

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At ANA and AIMM, we strongly believe that every person — regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, ability, […]



CIIM makes a direct correlation between culture and business performance such as enhance brand perception, increased ad effectiveness, and lift […]

CIIM Programming Insights – INFOGRAPHIC

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Cultural Insight Impact Measure is the industry leading metric that validates the impact and effectiveness of cultural insights in ads […]