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SSG brings broad & deep know-how in latinas & Total Market, Food, Beverage & OTC, impact of Culture, Health & Well-being, Upscale, and Millennials segments.

Econometrics is a discipline based on analytical and statistical predictive models to resolve practical questions around the powerful factors that have most impact in desired changes leading to effective results.
Here are some brief case studies:

1. Segment: A QSR client with an authentic positioning thought Hispanic Foreign Born would be the largest opportunity and our analysis uncovered a stronger Millennial and Latino bicultural opportunity.

2. Product Offering: A food manufacturer with a broad portfolio believed that traditional & authentic ethnic foods would generate the biggest revenue increase yet the analysis pointed at convenience premium priced brands.

3. Behavior: For an artificial sweetener looking at baking as the next major source of growth, our econometrics analysis pointed at usage in coffee and tea as the key to expand volume among Hispanics.



Learn how Wellness SpectrumTM  is a turnkey solutions to effective brand management and optimal retail partnership.

Capturing the Right ‘Healthy-Driven’ Shoppers for Your Brand

Healthy living has hit the American mainstream, with more and more consumers changing their attitudes, lifestyles, and shopping habits. However, striking a balance between healthier alternatives is a huge challenge for marketers. This insights webinar will explore a decision tool that helps brands and retailers to:

  • Identify consumers who will be most responsive to ‘new & improved’ healthy and green offerings
  • Select consumers who are most likely to choose brands based on a firm ‘code of personal & planet wellbeing’ vs. consumers who tend to compromise wellness for convenience
  • Discern which brands may still find more growth among “indulgent” consumers
  • Understand how brands in a category rank according to the wellness outlook of their buyers and how these differ by cultural and generational segment
  • Explore ways to apply the universal truth of ‘attaining a better life through good food choices’ to different brands and opportunity segments

The actionable turnkey tool to guide these decisions is the new SSG Wellness Spectrum™ powered by GfK MRI. This tool combines SSG’s health & wellbeing predictive analytics with the rich bank of attitudes, shopping and media behaviors from GfK MRI’s Survey of the American Consumer –a national representative sample of 100K consumers projectable to 238 million adult individuals in the U.S. This decision tool enables brands to plan more effective integrated cross-channel marketing efforts at a high level.  By interfacing with Acxiom and other Big Data providers, the Wellness Spectrum segments and scores can also enrich client databases for efficient targeting whether at a trade area, 1:1, or within a store.


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