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Connecting Healthcare Brands with New ACA Consumers

GoWhen Very IllNew wellness and prevention benefits under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) are offering insurers and hospitals a prime opportunity to engage newly enrolled Hispanic and multicultural consumers into their health care circle. ACA made obesity screening and counseling one of several “preventative services benefit,” which can be utilized as a potential entry point to bring these groups onboard and bond them in a relevant way with insurers and hospital brands.



Total Market ROI Watch: Q1’14 Labor Growth Change and Impact on U.S. Economy

Millennials MCThe U.S. economy has not benefited from the economic boom of past young adults’(25-34 year olds) typical household formation spending spree. Multicultural Millennials are now driving the growth of overall Millennials joining the gainfully employed. For newly employed Millennials, new jobs are the gateway to a new life stage.



Ten Most Influential ‘Total Market’ States: BUYING POWER [INFOGRAPHIC]

10 Most Influential TM states_Buying PowerThe U.S. economy hinges on the 10 leading TM states where Multicultural purchase power makes up about a third of the base and also a major contributor to the incremental Buying Power. In fact, over 4 in 10 new consumer purchasing dollars are generated by Multicultural segments in the Top 10 TM states as opposed to 1 in 5 in the other 40 states.



Total Market ROI Watch: Q1’14 Labor Growth Change and Impact on U.S. Economy

Total Market Q1 2014_wPLAYMulticultural is ‘the’ growth epicenter fueling the nation’s economy. In Q1 2014 again, the changing face of those newly employed and their incremental impact in the overall U.S. economy was clearly driven by Multicultural segments, largely by Hispanics. A solid Total Market strategy that puts the newly employed in the center may be translated into real topline growth.

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