• Holiday Warmth & Smiles for Migrant Children The Santiago Solutions Group has chosen to celebrate this Holiday Season by donating in honor of our friends and our clients to a special program to help those who really need it: the migrant children and families at the border. The collaborative program, shared and led by the Hispanic Federation, Azteca Foundation and Alianza Americas, will help provide much needed clothes, toys and food; bringing warmth and smiles to very vulnerable children and families this Holiday time. We thank you… for joining us in this spirit of love and compassion for sharing in our prayers for continued blessings, peace and love for all of us in 2019. Carlos Santiago and the SSG Family Make a DONATION ...Read More
  • Multicultural Segments Growth Surges 58%; White NH Decline Accelerates Non-Hispanic White Segment Decline Accelerates. Multicultural segments jumped 2.8M from 2016 to 2017 compared to a 1.8M increase from 2015 to 2016. Multicultural segments yielded 100% of the US population growth. Hispanic compromised half of the overall growth. ...Read More
  • Spanish Dominant Hispanics Are Extremely Confident They Will Participate and Decide The Future Of The Country According to SSG’s primary survey, 68% of Spanish Dominant Hispanics who can vote in Federal elections feel very to extremely confident that they will go out and vote in the November 2018 mid-term elections. Spanish Dominant Hispanics consider that Immigration, Racism, Homeland Security, Gun Control And Health Care are the top 5 issues facing the country. The ranking of these issues don’t change between Millennials and Xers/Boomers but the level of importance for Immigration and Health Care is significantly higher among Spanish Dominant Xers & Boomers. Interestingly, Racism is identical regardless of Generation. ...Read More
  • SD* Gen Z , Millennials and U.S. Born Drive Financial Optimism Gen Zers and Millennials are the most optimistic compared to the other generations while Boomers are significantly less optimistic on how they view their finances for 2018. Additionally, US Born are significantly more optimistic than the larger base of Foreign Born and those born in Puerto Rico and moved to the U.S. ...Read More
  • Spanish Dominant* Hispanics Financial Optimism Soars in 2018 Now nearly 6 in 10 Spanish Dominant Hispanics have an optimistic view about their finances over the next 12 months, an SSG national representative survey of nearly 500 found. There has been a significant rise of households perceiving that their finances will be “Much Better + Better”. Higher consumer spend is expected. ...Read More
  • 2018 Multicultural Economy Outlook U.S. Marketers are quickly shifting growth priorities among multicultural (MC) segments, especially since the White Non-Hispanic (WNH) segment has been declining since 2016. The MC economic outlook for 2018 looks remarkably powerful for several reasons: • The Employment-Participation rate is higher than WNH and continues to step up, especially for Hispanics • Unemployment rate is at record lows for all MC segments • Personal Income has continued to increase for all MC segments while it has slowed down for WNH. ...Read More
  • Multicultural Economy Outlook 2018 U.S. Marketers are quickly shifting growth priorities among multicultural (MC) segments, especially since the White Non-Hispanic (WNH) segment has been declining since 2016. The MC economic outlook for 2018 looks remarkably powerful for several reasons: – The Employment-Participation rate is higher than WNH and continues to step up, especially for Hispanics – Unemployment rate is at record lows for all MC segments – Personal Income has continued to increase for all MC segments while it has slowed down for WNH. ...Read More
  • 2016: A Premature Tipping Point in US Growth This past year marked a turning point for the White Non-Hispanic population which declined for the first time ever, 10 years before the U.S. Census projection. Multicultural segments made up 100% of U.S. Population growth last year according to recently released 2016 ACS. While U.S. population growth is slowing overall, Multicultural segments are driving the expansion of the U.S. consumer base making up 4 in 10 Americans with Hispanics continuing to drive half of the entire U.S growth and the Other/Mixed Race segment delivering the fastest growing. Looking to the future, the Multicultural population in the U.S. is projected to reach 131 million in 2018. This tipping point is causing many marketers to reconsider with which segments to lead their growth efforts. ...Read More
  • Multicultural Job Growth Slows Down It is not surprising that the employed population is currently more Multicultural than ever before at 35% of up from 28% in 2012, according to SSG’s analyses of the Bureau of Labor Statistics latest job data. What is surprising is that White Non-Hispanics showed a marked turnaround from five years of consistent trends when Hispanic, African American, and Asian generated around two thirds of all job growth but only 54% of all new jobs created in 2017. ...Read More
  • Leveraging Latina Millennial Nuances Effective marketers seek a balance between preferences in common across major segments and leveraging nuances that may increase segment relevancy and act as more direct triggers to purchase by connecting at a deeper emotional level with segments. The real question is whether homogeneous vs. targeted messages would attain the needed relevance level to cause additional prospects to purchase. Marketing to Millennials is no exception to this conundrum. Millennials were not created equal in political outlook, mindset, consumer behavior or brand predisposition. Demographically, half of Latina Millennials and Non-Hispanic White Millennial Women are married but two-thirds of Latinas have children vs only half of those Non-Hispanic. Yet, demographics is only at the surface of any segmentation. ...Read More
  • Ten Latina Millennial Nuances – Part 2 In this part 2 of Latina Millennial Nuances a deep dive into their mindsets and that of their Non-Hispanic counterparts, SSG reveals that Latina Millennials are more introspective, more concerned about healthier lifestyles, and more focused on how they reflect their confidence through beauty. Not surprisingly, the study found that Latina Millennials also build stronger family bonds, are more digitally connected and have higher trust of the internet. ...Read More
  • Ten Latina Millennial Nuances SSG reveals in a deep dive into Latina Millennials’ mindsets that they show distinct nuances vs. their White Non-Hispanic counterparts. For once Latina Millennials are more upwardly mobile, they show higher environmental consciousness, they are more likely to play and work hard, they are more collective minded yet individualistic, and closely guard how their Latino culture is passed on to the next generation. Moreover, Latina Millennials are more introspective, more concerned about healthier lifestyles, and more focused on how they reflect their confidence through beauty. Not surprisingly, the study found that Latina Millennials also build stronger family bonds, are more digitally connected and have higher trust of the internet. ...Read More
  • Top 10 Multicultural Millennials DMAs [INFOGRAPHIC] 9 of the 10 Top 10 Multicultural (MC) Millennial DMAs are among the Top 10 Overall Millennial DMAs in the U.S. Of the Top 10 Multicultural DMAs, 6 rank among the Top 10 Hispanic Millennial DMAs, 8 rank among the Top 10 African American DMAs, and 7 rank among the Top 10 Asian/Other DMAs. NY, LA, Chicago and Houston are the most diverse DMAs, ranking on the Top 10 for all Multicultural segments. ...Read More
  • 10 Ways Gen Zers Are Changing From Millennials A new Quant-Qual study by Santiago Solutions Group titled “Gen Z: Hispanics vs. White Non-Hispanics on Aspirations, Stress, Family and the Influence of Culture”, revealed many ways in which Gen Zers are heightening beliefs and developing distinct behaviors as opposed to Millennials when they were 13-20 years of age. Among developing traits, the study identified that Gen Z cherish more individual time, have replaced TV with Social Media as their trusted source of choice, are choosing healthier food options yet have higher interest in restaurants, and major shifts in what racial/ethnic segments are exerting more purchase influence on key consumer categories. ...Read More
  • Hispanic Affluence & Influence Steadily on the Rise Beyond the expected fact that incomes continued to rise for Asian Americans and Hispanics at the fastest rate among racial/ethnic segments in the U.S. is a hidden jewel for marketers. Latino Upscale & Affluent Household formation continued to increase 2.4 times faster than White Non-Hispanics’. First, Hispanic Affluent Households, earning over $100K annually, have expanded at 9.2% annually since 2011, twice the 4.5% rate of Affluent expansion seen by White Non-Hispanics. Second, looking at “Upscale” households, the pace of increase has been so phenomenal that Hispanics accounted for 1 in 2 new Upscale Households formed in the U.S. since 2011. Third, in 2015, the median income for Hispanics rose to $45K, the largest rate of growth after Asian Americans at 3.1% annually since 2011. ...Read More
  • Gen Z 1.0; Hispanic vs White NH [INFOGRAPHIC] Hispanic Culture remains strong among Hispanic Gen Z reflecting distinct dimensions of Values: hyper-aspirational drive, determination, community mindedness, and family closeness. Marketers will continue to win by using Culture, Values and Identity as major relevance platforms to connect brands at a deeper level with Hispanic Gen Zers. ...Read More
  • Hispanic Gen Zers Influence Larger Purchases All Gen Zers are hugely influential on their families and friends purchases especially across categories that directly impact their image such as in apparel, athletic shoes, school supplies, as well as in categories reflecting their taste preferences such as eating out, fast food and candies. The main difference uncovered by SSG’s Gen Z 1.0 is that Hispanic Gen Z has much greater influence than their counterparts on larger purchases like cars, trucks and technology products. ...Read More
  • Hispanic Gen Zers’ Families: Where Stress Begins and Love Never Ends In our latest Gen Z qualitative exploration, we spoke with Hispanic and White Non-Hispanic Gen Zers to better understand differences in their family life. The first key insight we uncovered was that Hispanic Gen Z are more likely to see their parents as friends than their White NH Gen Z counterparts. Hispanics are much closer to their families and are more likely to feel comfortable telling parents about everything going on in their lives. As a whole, Gen Z prefers to tell their problems to their friends. However, Hispanic Gen Zers rely less on friends while they go to their parents and family more often. ...Read More
  • Culture Plays Major Role in Hispanic Gen Z’s Lives. Not So for White NH Gen Z A new Quant-Qual study by Santiago Solutions Group, titled “Gen Z: Hispanics vs. White Non-Hispanics on Aspirations, Stress, Family and the Influence of Culture”, revealed that the most substantial difference between Hispanic Gen Z and White Non-Hispanic (WNH) Gen Z was the manifestation and importance of culture (or lack thereof) in Gen Zers’ lives. Hispanic Gen Zers are as deeply American as their White non-Hispanic peers. Nevertheless, even those living in emerging areas of the country and third generation homes, feel a greater attachment towards Hispanic culture. ...Read More
  • The New American Upscale & Luxury Consumer – PART I [INFOGRAPHIC] 100% of America’s Upscale consumers’ growth between 2011 and 2014 came from Multicultural Upscale HHs whereas White Non-Hispanic (WNH) Upscales declined. 28% of Upscale HHs are now Multicultural. Latino Upscale & Latino Affluent growth surpassed the growth of all other racial/ethnic segments, 6x faster than Upscales overall and 2x faster than Affluents overall. Latinos generated 6 in 10 of new Upscale HHs and 1 in 8 new Affluent HHs. African American & Asian/Other Upscales are growing 10x faster than WNH HHs. Vitally to the overall Affluent expansion, Multicultural Affluents grew 60% to 114% faster than WNH Affluents. ...Read More
  • Hispanic Gen Z Major Nuances vs WNH Gen Z [INFOGRAPHIC] Key Latino GenZ Trends vs. Millennials at same lifestage: Gen Z shows higher Chicoismo, deteriorating relationship with parents, decreasing level of self-image, harder to save & afford, enjoying education more, even more digital lives. ...Read More
  • The Dark Side Of Cutting Hispanic Media Allocation As Obi-Wan Kenobi said, “It takes strength to resist the dark side. Only the weak embrace it.” Here is why… Companies cutting Hispanic dedicated media allocation, defined as advertising buys in any Hispanic-dedicated media channel regardless of language whether Spanish, Bilingual or English, while increasing allocation to English media (Non-Hispanic-centric), tend to suffer a reduction in their sales growth. In fact, the reduction of the growth is sometimes so large that it could wipe out the average growth of the category as is the case in the Consumer Packaged Goods & Retail category. The Cost of the Dark Side: Across CPG-Retail, Auto and Financial-Insurance Services categories: AHAA’s study demonstrated that a five point cutback in Hispanic media allocation yields a reduction in Total Market revenue growth rate of minus 1.8% per year. ...Read More
  • 8 Jolly Reasons Why 2015 Is The Biggest Multicultural Holiday Ever! Multicultural segments progressed in 2015 to culminate in a record Holiday season, most likely the highest expenditure Holiday season by Hispanics, African Americans and Asian Americans ever. 8 major reasons are driving Multicultural consumers demand ranging from increases in the labor force, FT employment, income, share of Upscale/Affluent, share of aggregate US incremental income, consumer confidence and planned major purchases. ...Read More
  • Multicultural Firms Are Fueling New Boom of U.S. Businesses [INFOGRAPHIC] 3 in 10 US firms are now led by Multicultural owners. In fact, M/C businesses generated the entire increase in US firms since 2007. Hispanic & African American firms expanded the most especially in sectors like Health Care/Social Assistance. Hispanic firms lead in Administrative & Support and Transportation, AA firms lead in Health care & social assistance, and Asian firms lead in Accommodation & Food Services. ...Read More
  • 5 Reasons Why ACA Acquisitions Falter Hispanics and African Americans represent half of the remaining exchange eligibles but continue to lag significantly behind the enrollment rate of the White Non-Hispanics — with Hispanics 37 percent below and African Americans 16 below where they should be. Five major barriers still stand in front of health insurers: (1) Lack of Trust in the Government, (2) Poor Value, (3) Ineffective Messaging, (4) Poor Cultural & Language Relevancy, and (5) Lackluster Customer Experience. These barriers will add critical pressure to getting engagement, acquisitions and retention going effectively in the 3rd Open Enrollment round. ...Read More
  • Multicultural Firms Are Fueling New Boom of Business 3 in 10 US Firms are now led by Multicultural owners. Multicultural Businesses generated the entire increase in us firms since 2007 and Multicultural firms’ revenue is growing at nearly twice the pace of WNH firms. The 5 most diverse sectors are Transportation, Other Services, Healthcare & Social Assistance, Administrative & Support, and Accommodation & Food Services. ...Read More
  • ‘Perfect Multicultural Storm’ for Health Insurers & ACA Exchanges The healthcare industry is entering a confluence point where Multicultural segments represent the largest segments of eligibles and ‘Invincibles’ yet only few health insurers and marketplaces have built successful multicultural engagement-acquisition methods. Effectively tapping this opportunity is a requirement for boosting growth and reducing costs. Health Net, Aetna, Cigna and Humana “weathered the storm” excelling in acquiring new exchange eligible Multicultural consumers while UnitedHealth grabbed significantly less than their fair share of Hispanic growth. Florida attained the leading Hispanic enrollment rate among large Hispanic states. On the eve of the third open enrollment period, it is clear that insurers who can effectively figure out the nuances of educating, influencing, signing up and serving multicultural customers are poised to accelerate their growth and win significant share. ...Read More
  • 7 Multicultural Marketing Lessons from Obamacare to Hyper-Complex Categories Hyper-complex categories like healthcare confront consumers with multi-dimensional barriers to adoption. These challenges require marketers to anticipate and properly address the needs of this new wave of adopters. The Affordable Care Act provides a good lesson for complex categories still waiting to mine the growth opportunities these segments offer. These 7 lessons can be adapted to financial, retirement planning, home buying, vacation ownership, life insurance and similar categories. ...Read More
  • The Multicultural Economy: 2015 Mid-year Report In 2015, 9 in 10 of job entrants have been from Multicultural segments (vs. 8% WNH) adding 84% of the US incremental personal income. For every 1 WNH job entrant since 2010 there were 11 Multicultural job entrants. The US Civilian Labor Force (CLF) is now 35% Multicultural. The entire CLF expansion since 2010 came from Multicultural segments while WNH continued to exit the CLF. The 60% of all US job growth came from the Top 10 Total Market states ...Read More
  • Where Is the Baby Boom Coming From? [INFOGRAPHIC] The U.S. is seeing its first Baby Boom since the Great Recession started. The 2014 Baby Boom is different than what the US has seen previously as it is driven by older moms, it is increasingly Hispanic and Asian American. This Boom is also concentrated in 10 states where the vast majority of Boom babies are Multicultural. Yet, this Boom is a newborn and fertility rates among younger Millennials, especially Latina Millennials, are yet to improve. ...Read More
  • Segmented Approaches May Go The Extra Mile For Wellness Opportunities in CPGs [INFOGRAPHIC] “Healthier-outlook” consumers of different cultures differ in shopping preferences –their perceptions of “healthy” brands are so different that there are no commonalities among the top 5 breakfast Brands across segments. They also choose to shop in different retailers beyond Whole Foods & Trader Joe’s. Segmenting by Wellness Segments & Scores based on healthy attitudes & good behaviors is a valuable growth planning tool, as Brands with higher Wellness Scores experience higher growth rates than brands with lower Wellness Scores. ...Read More
  • Multicultural Millennial Digital Decision Journey [INFOGRAPHIC] Millennials are intense users of digital & mobile in their Path-To-Purchase journey. Hispanics over-index Total Market in digital Evaluation actions but lag a little In-Store while African Americans especially over-index in the Experience phase. ...Read More
  • Exploding Growth in Food: “Healthier With Tasty Hispanic Flair” Brands that innovate by combining “Better for You” alternatives combined with some ethnic flair tend to achieve 3 to 5 times faster buyer growth than the mere Total Market (TM) 0.3% average. In other words, Healthy-minded consumers want to join in on the fun, and innovative brands are helping them bake the cake and eat it too…literally! The three big high buyer growth, high wellness score winners for Total Market are: Organic everything, Ready-to-serve dips, and Ethnic Ready to Eat. What this means is that growth will not come from just adding a jalapeño flavor to your product, but it MUST also be good for you (Organic Spicy Nachos Chips….please!). ...Read More
  • The New Multicultural Economy: 2014-2015 Trends The fuel behind the American Economy has changed as Multicultural segments continue to drive the growth of overall U.S. employment while White Non-Hispanics drop off the labor rosters. In fact, over a third of the U.S. labor force is now Multicultural, but more importantly, the entire increase in U.S. employment rosters since 2007 pre-recession levels has been generated by Multicultural segments. And, the future gets even more dynamic when one considers that the labor force participation rate for White Non-Hispanics is the only whose decline has accelerated in the last 3 years while that among Hispanics and African Americans has stabilized. Why does this matter to marketers? ...Read More
  • 2015 Multicultural Economy Expansion In A Total Market World [INFOGRAPHIC] In the 10 states that constitute half of the consumer Buying Power and the US GDP, Multicultural (M/C) segments are near HALF of the overall population, they generate over 90% of the population growth and almost 40% of the growth in Buying Power, that’s why we call them the ‘Top 10 Total Market (TM) States’. Over 75% of the U.S. newly employed & incremental personal income generated in the entire U.S. in 2014 was also generated by Multicultural; concentrated in White & Gray collar jobs. ...Read More
  • Gen Z Is Now, Kid! [INFOGRAPHIC] Our nation’s future is here. Boosted by Hispanic & Asian births & immigration, Gen Z will be the first American generation that is equally Multicultural and White Non-Hispanic. In the top 10 Total Market (TM) states, 6 in 10 Gen Z are of Multicultural background vs 4 in 10 in the other 40 states. Half of all Gen Z reside in the Top 10 TM states. ...Read More
  • Seven 2014 Millennial Economic Power Insights You Can’t Forget [INFOGRAPHIC] Multicultural Millennials are already the majority in the top 10 Total Market states. While the last ‘class’ of Millennials turned 18 years of age in 2014, the U.S. Millennial adult population continues to expand due to positive net migration, mostly from Multicultural Millennials. Multicultural Millennials also generated HALF of the incremental Millennial income in the U.S. reflecting that they are behind Gen Y’s economic tipping point. This accelerating power has catapulted their confidence yet they are purchasing in Value retail formats.   ...Read More
  • Hispanic Digital Decision Journey [INFOGRAPHIC] Hispanics’ Digital Path to Purchase offers brands similar opportunities for personalized and localized engagement & loyalty as the overall market. ...Read More
  • Will the Real Total Market Please Stand Up? Q&A session from AHAA’s Webinar on 09/24/14 Q: CARLOS, the conclusions of this webinar, says that, for marketers to succeed they need to recognize that growth segments must be targeted with culturally relevant communications resulting from a single strategic voice. Honestly, that is what some of us have been saying for a long time in justifying the need to targeted marketing communications. However, the total market conversation currently being had by most clients and general market agencies is … that ethnically focused agencies need to… ...Read More
  • New Study Confirms That ‘Healthier’ Brands Gain Buyers At A Faster Pace SSG’s new decision-guiding, data-rich tool has identified an unexpected factor which contributes to brand growth: Higher brand growth rate is associated with the choices of higher wellness-minded consumers. The more health-minded consumers perceive your brand to be, the higher the growth rate your brand tends to attain. ...Read More
  • 10 Most Influential Total Market States Part IV: Multicultural Millennials [INFOGRAPHIC] In 2013, a majority (52%) of Millennials in the Top 10 Total Market (TM) states were of Multicultural background compared to 1 in 3 of Millennials in the remaining 40 states. Between 2010 and 2013, the U.S. Millennial population grew at 0.6% annually due to net positive migration. Multicultural Millennials generated the vast majority (76%) of the Millennial growth in these top 10 TM states, growing 3 times faster than White Non-Hispanic Millennials. The top 10 TM states represented 53% of all U.S. Millennials and fueled 72% of the U.S. Millennial growth. ...Read More
  • Tapping Into Consumers’ Healthy Movement Through A Total Market Insights Approach With a goal toward accessing Total Market strategies through the growing healthy-driven movement, SGG has launched SSG Wellness Spectrum™ powered by GfK MRI, an advanced analytics tool designed to incorporate wellness propensities & consumption insights to ground Total Market strategies across segments. ...Read More
  • Millennial Force Speeds Ahead Millennials are now increasingly optimistic about their own future value and stability.They are obtaining employment at a significantly higher rate than total population, managing to sustain these jobs and, even still, avoiding risky investment decisions. Millennials are now at the most accessible point since the recession for durable purchases. ...Read More
  • Healthy-Minded Shoppers Across Cultural Segments Disagree on Healthy Brands Choices Despite commonly accepted notions of “healthy” among consumers, SSG’s recent analysis of “Healthy Breakfast Brands” revealed that there were no common brands among the top 2 “Healthiest Breakfast Brands” among various multicultural segments: Hispanics, Millennials, African Americans and White Non-Hispanics. ...Read More
  • 2014 Wellness Brand Awards In Breakfast Category The wellness brand winners were chosen from among 240 CPG brands competing for a “share of stomach” in various breakfast sub-categories. Brands’ wellness scores were measured by aggregating the wellness scores of its specific purchasers and then the 240 brands were ranked from highest wellness score to lowest across Total Market, Millennial, Hispanic, African American, and White Non-Hispanic segments. ...Read More
  • The True ACA Multicultural & Millennial Story:Uneven Progress -> Vast Potential As companies gear up for the upcoming Round #2 of ACA enrollment, a review of SSG’s statistical analysis of the 2013-14 ACA enrollment efforts reveals the real progress made during ACA Round #1, pinpoints what segments will generate the bulk of the opportunity ahead, and provides insight on the next recruitment effort to win new consumers. ...Read More
  • “Adiós Rusty. Meet Rufo!” Growth in the Pet Industry Comes with an Upscale Latino Treat SSG analysis reveals that contrary to the belief that Hispanics are less likely to make pets full members of their families, Upscale Latinos are increasing pet ownership dramatically while other segments are nearly flat or declining. ...Read More
  • 5 Distinct Differences Between New ACA Exchange Insured & Group Insured Consumers SSG decoded key differences between long standing insured and new ACA Exchange consumer, which could improve relationships and retention with current new ACA enrollees. ...Read More
  • 10 Most Influential Total Market States Part III: Gross Domestic Product 2010-13 [INFOGRAPHIC] As the U.S. GDP inched up 2% annually since 2010 to $15.5T in 2013, the 10 most influential Total Market (TM) states yielded the brunt of the economic expansion. These 10 TM states generated nearly 60% of the country’s net GDP growth. Fueled by a population base that is 60% Multicultural, TX & CA account for a third of the total U.S. GDP growth. NY, FL, & GA are next in line to become majority Multicultural by 2025. ...Read More
  • Connecting Healthcare Brands with New ACA Consumers New wellness and prevention benefits under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) are offering insurers and hospitals a prime opportunity to engage newly enrolled Hispanic and multicultural consumers into their health care circle. ACA made obesity screening and counseling one of several “preventative services benefit,” which can be utilized as a potential entry point to bring these groups onboard and bond them in a relevant way with insurers and hospital brands. ...Read More
  • U.S. Labor Force: Multicultural Millennial Tipping Point The U.S. economy has not benefited from the economic boom of past young adults’(25-34 year olds) typical household formation spending spree. Multicultural Millennials are now driving the growth of overall Millennials joining the gainfully employed. For newly employed Millennials, new jobs are the gateway to a new life stage. ...Read More
  • Ten Most Influential Total Market States Part II: Buying Power [INFOGRAPHIC] The U.S. economy hinges on the 10 leading TM states where Multicultural purchase power makes up about a third of the base and also a major contributor to the incremental Buying Power. In fact, over 4 in 10 new consumer purchasing dollars are generated by Multicultural segments in the Top 10 TM states as opposed to 1 in 5 in the other 40 states. ...Read More
  • Total Market ROI Watch: Q1’14 Labor Growth Change and Impact on U.S. Economy Multicultural is ‘the’ growth epicenter fueling the nation’s economy. In Q1 2014 again, the changing face of those newly employed and their incremental impact in the overall U.S. economy was clearly driven by Multicultural segments, largely by Hispanics. A solid Total Market strategy that puts the newly employed in the center may be translated into real topline growth. ...Read More
  • Ten Most Influential Total Market States Part I: Population [INFOGRAPHIC] SSG’s ’10 Most Influential States’ reveal the evolution towards a new mainstream. The transformation evident in these leading TM states has vast impact on immediate growth opportunities and quarterly corporate outcomes. This is the first in SSG’s continuing review of economic and behavioral game-changing factors, starting with populations shifts. Half of the US population and two-thirds of the US overall growth is generated by the Top TM states collectively. By 2020, Multicultural segments will become the majority segment in these 10 states as a group. ...Read More
  • “Collaborative Buying”: Hispanics & Millennials Share Decision-Making & Shopping For marketers trying to “break the code” with Hispanic and Millennial segments, one key may be in a common decision-making pattern shared by both: They are “collaborative buyers” or “sharing shoppers,” strongly dependent on family and social spheres of influence when making purchasing decisions. Winning these segments over, whether for insurers trying to enroll them into the ACA or for a CPG trying to sell them a personal product, or for a luxury retailer, may have as much to do with building a trusted, positive & successful relationship, and allowing that impact to ripple outward through the family, communities and marketplace. ...Read More
  • ACA’s “Last Call” Micro-Targets Hispanics with Segment-Specific Tactics With less than 4 four weeks left, President Obama, in a Latino Town Hall address, led an “all-out” campaign targeted to Hispanics and addressing their specific issues and barriers that have kept them from enrolling in ACA. The communications push brought together celebrities, national & local leaders, community groups, and “real” people, on the three largest Spanish-language media outlets, Univision, Telemundo and impreMedia, live webcast and social media. ...Read More
  • Labor Force Watch [INFOGRAPHIC] Labor Market Change (Mar’11 – Feb’14).- The labor force market has grown slightly at 0.5%. The good news is employment is growing and unemployment is decreasing. Hispanics fuel a major portion of White-Collar job gains while in a declining Blue-Collar sector, Hispanics are retaining more jobs. ...Read More
  • 4 Steps to Closing the Healthcare Literacy Gap and Increase Hispanic & Millennial ACA Enrollment Analysis of recent ACA numbers in California revealed a surprising statistic: Hispanics and Millennials are signing up for the ACA Exchange at half the rate of Non-Hispanics. While initial assumptions pointed to the highly publicized challenges shared by most consumers during the initial enrollment period, deeper delving by Santiago Solutions Group (SSG) indicates that Hispanics and Millennials share a common problem which affected their low ACA enrollment levels: a Healthcare literacy gap. ...Read More
  • An Innovative Model to Maximize Healthy Lifestyle Consumers in ACA Pools With the advent of the ACA, competition for new customers is intense. Most sales and marketing focus is on amassing quantity by securing the highest enrollment numbers possible. But an alternative, valuable perspective is emerging which suggests that measuring ACA success should be about more than just numbers. Targeting Healthy Lifestyle individuals can yield base that increases competitive edge ...Read More
  • Who’s driving the Growth for Food Stores? [INFOGRAPHIC] Major shifts: Hispanics & Multicultural non-Hispanic generated six in ten of all new grocery buyers between 2011 to 2013. Health-Natural stores buyers growth rate was led by Most Acculturated Hispanic segment. Hispanics led in Mass/Discount growth rate. On the other hand, Least Acculturated buyers declined sharply for Hispanic Grocery stores and C- stores. Millennials led in the growth rate of Low-Tier and in the decline of Mid-Tier. ...Read More
  • Are Hispanics and Millennials ACA procrastinators? Don’t Blame them. They Need More. Shopping for healthcare has become a frightening experience for 2 million exchange eligible consumers. Although enhancements were made to federal and state exchanges call centers and online platforms, the experience they offered was far from “best-in-class”. This was especially so for Hispanic and Millennial (ages 18-34) eligibles, who are facing a range of enrollment obstacles that go beyond the now infamous Obamacare site glitches. ...Read More
  • In Cancer As In Marketing, Segmentation and Differences May Hold the Key to Improved Results One of the conference highlights of 2013 was certainly the Multicultural Health Marketing National Conference organized by DTC Perspectives. There, Dr. Otis W. Brawley, MD, Chief Medical and Scientific Officer at the American Cancer Society presented an alarming fact: Differences in healthcare behaviors and treatments among segments is leading to increased deaths among Hispanics and African Americans. ...Read More
  • 2014 New Year’s Resolutions for Total Market The end of the old year and the start of the New Year always find individuals searching for the “perfect formula” to resolve life situations, such as diet, love, and career. The start of the year can also find business strategists searching for a unique “formula” they can launch in the New Year that will positively impact growth. ...Read More
  • Revamping Growth for Health & Wellness Brands through Predictive Analytics Everywhere consumers go, they are being bombarded by messages that tell them that brand A is ever so slightly healthier than brand B. Consumers are noticing, and more purchasing decisions are being made on the basis of health and wellness. ...Read More
  • Considering “Total Market” Strategies? Research & the Front-lines Offer Positive Outlook For those brands still deciding on the merits of Total Market (TM) strategies and whether to make the shift, the panel presenting the preliminary results of AHAA: The Voice of Hispanic Marketing’s Total Market benchmark study at the recent Association of National Advertisers (ANA) Multicultural Conference, made compelling arguments on the need to evolve towards Total Market strategies. ...Read More
  • ACA Bumpy Rollout Learnings for Customer/Patient Experience The Affordable Care Act (ACA) opened enrollment just two months ago and, while much has been said about the government’s implementation, little has been said about the consumer’s journey or the role the health insurance companies play—or not play—along the way. ...Read More
  • Customer Acquisition & Media Revolutionaries: Enhancing ROI with Predictive Analytics Predictive analytics promises to revolutionize the way marketing strategy for customer acquisition and retention can be executed, by empowering marketers with a more scientific and actionable approach to strategy development. ...Read More
  • Top Opportunity for the Holiday Season: All Newly Employed “Santa’s” Are Multicultural Hispanic and Asian American segments are leading the current job recovery as indicated by positive Labor Force growth, Employment, and decrease in unemployment (negative numbers in chart). Meanwhile White Non-Hispanics are leaving the Labor Force instead of staying as other Multicultural segments and have caused a rapid reduction in the labor market. ...Read More
  • Total Market Growth Approach Made Simple: From “Connectors” Insights and Core Alignment to Innovative Products and Retail Strategies At the recent 2013 Hispanic Retail 360 Summit, a cross-channel conference, CPGs, retail experts converged to share insights on successful programs. There was unilateral agreement that now is the time to act strategically on the opportunities to approach the Hispanic and non-Hispanic consumers in unison. ...Read More
  • 7 Habits of Effective Growth Leaders – Part 2 (4 of 7) Leading growth in today’s dynamic and changing marketplace requires more than the traditional marketing practices that have been in place for years. In our October newsletter, we talked about how Effective Growth Leaders are winning market share and consumer based growth in their industries vis-à-vis their competitors because they are doing things differently. ...Read More
  • Increasing the Emotional Connection with Multicultural Customers Through the Contact Center Social media may be the new rule in consumer engagement, but the old-fashioned phone call continues to be the touchpoint having the biggest impact between people and brands. The Contact Center is the voice of your company. Being that there are already multiple challenges that determine your customer’s experience, ...Read More
  • Millennials and Hispanics Fuel Private Label Growth We’ve told you about how the lingering effects of the Great Recession have opened a new era in U.S. society we call Society Reset, as consumers adjust their behaviors to meet more realistic economic expectations. One marker is the drive toward Private Label (store brands) food product purchases across several demographic segments. ...Read More
  • 7 Habits of Effective Growth Leaders – Part 1 (3 of 7) Today more than ever, companies are struggling to grow. Whether through trial and error, comprehensive analysis, or sheer luck, businesses are trying many things, hoping to find the key to edge out the competition. We searched for answers by studying effective growth leaders who are winning market share and consumer base growth in their industries vis-à-vis their competitors. ...Read More
  • Customer Experience: “Satisfied is Not Enough” Talk about connectivity! Nowadays, consumers are able to touch brands in all manners of ways. Whether it’s through a Website, smart phone, tablet, call center or retail location, the times, places and manners in which brands can make an impression – satisfactory, neutral or unsatisfactory – are infinitesimal and ever-evolving. ...Read More
  • “Double Plays” Provide an Advantage in Baseball & Total Market Approach Joe SaveryIn baseball, a double play is the act of making two outs during the same continuous playing action. Double plays give a team a strong advantage over their opponents, by reducing their opportunity to score — in the most efficient manner possible. ...Read More
  • Customer Experience & Churn: The Multicultural Disconnect smart-graphicFor those who have worked with Hispanic marketing over the past few decades, the term “brand loyalty” was synonymous with Hispanic consumers. Recent customer experience and best practices research conducted across several industries has uncovered a surprising finding: Hispanics show a much higher churn rate than non-Hispanic customers. ...Read More
  • Hispanic Moms put convenience foods to the test to dodge recurrent meal emergencies Whether it’s frijoles a la olla or hand-rolled taquitos topped with freshly made guacamole, Hispanic moms take pride in caring for their families through homemade, traditional food. That’s why the results of some recent food research were surprising. ...Read More
  • Hispanic & Millennial Home Cooking: Healthy Options, Healthy Outcomes healthy-eating-importance-graphLiving healthier lives starts with eating healthier meals. And among Hispanics and Millennials, it all begins in the home kitchen. Research shows that 90% of first generation Hispanics, 82% of Millennials and 80% of second generation Hispanics agreed that when, “I cook dinner, it is important that it be healthy.” ...Read More
  • Are You Driving Without A Growth GPS? How Effective Growth Leaders Avoid Common Sizing Pitfalls to Guide Growth In business, there are methods that vastly improve “growth routes” for key segments, products and services, and yet, many players still overlook them. Instead they navigate the way they’ve done it for years, setting their annual business course with “guesstimates,” faulty data, or gut-feel. Opportunity right-sizing analysis is one tool regularly utilized … ...Read More
  • The Post-recession Post-Multicultural Era: A Societal Reset The 2007 – 2008 economic shock was unique in our history and so its lingering effects; it changed both human and organizational behavior. Some businesses were already trending downwards. The subsequent recession acceleration sell-offs, lay-offs, and restructuring. Even now, recovery is marginal and for most companies, top line growth is more elusive than ever. A new consumerism is taking place… ...Read More
  • Market Metrics: Good News for Marketers. Hispanic Employment is Driving US Recovery As of June 2013, the Hispanic segment generated the highest net contribution of any other racial/ethnic segment to overall US employment growth since June 2012, producing nearly half of all newly employed in the country. The multicultural segments together accounted for 8 in 10 of the newly employed while … ...Read More
  • Great Potential: A Must Read Book, A Strategy, A Solution SSG’s Senior Strategist Steve Moya addresses these issues, and more, in Great Potential: Latinos in a Changing America. Steve shares his expert knowledge and insights as he deliberates the role of Latinos within the larger national context. The magnitude of Latinos’ role in the continued economic, social and cultural influence of our nation is being accelerated, both by constant population growth and the estimated 79 million Baby Boomers – 10,000 a day – who will be retiring by 2029. …Read More ...Read More

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