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The industry has a greater awareness of the power of culture. Consistent and continuous Multicultural & Inclusive insights and strategies are necessary to optimize brand growth.

We are the leading growth strategy consultancy across Hispanic, African American, Asian, LGBTQ+ and other diversity and generational segments. Our Solutions range from consumer insights discovery to opportunity sizing to strategy development to marketing operations and ROI optimization.

Actionable Cultural Insights

SSG is a leading-edge Growth Strategy Consultancy driven by a deep understanding of cultural diversity nuances that are supported by advanced analytics. Highly qualitative and quantitative in our approach, we specialize in identifying real and effective connections that can be turned into highly calibrated and measurable tangible insights and strategies for business growth.
Our solutions range from sound consumer insights discovery to opportunity sizing/size of the prize definition by diversity segment and subsegment to strategy development to marketing operations and ROI optimization.


As diverse segments are continuing to reset growth opportunities,  Multicultural & Inclusive insights and strategies are not just altruism but instead are proven to positively impact sales, brand trust, and preference.
SSG is a solver of complex business challenges that specializes in Multicultural and Inclusive Segments. We are committed to identifying the cultural human connections that your company can turn into feasible results-oriented business strategies.

CommitTed to finding solutions

All our clients, large or small, experience the same level of professionalism and problems-
solving ingenuity.
Our clients are diverse – across sectors and industries – For Profit and Social Impact.
The one commonality all our clients have is a desire for growth and full respect for all target



Target Profiles

Research & Analytics

Qualitative & Quantitative Research including Virtual Groups, Brand Trackers, and more.

Opportunity Sizing

Size of the Prize by Segment

Consulting & Multicultural Strategy

Segment Marketing, Growth Strategies

Santiago Solutions Group is a proven thought leader in the multicultural strategy space, often consulted for their point-of-view on emerging trends and their implications for marketers. SSG is a co-founder (along with DMI Consulting) of the ANA’s (Association of National Advertisers) Alliance for Inclusive and Multicultural Marketing initiative (AIMM) and most specifically for creating the Cultural Insights Impact Measure™ (CIIM™). CIIM™ is the industry-leading metric validating the incremental value of cultural relevance in ads and programming, in fact, demonstrating that culture explains 40% of campaign’ sales success and viewers’ preference. We bring the same data skills to create clients’ predictive models that increase targeting and marketing effectiveness.

Customer Experience Expertise

By merging our extensive knowledge of service industries from Telecom to health insurance and other financial services, to media and consumer product and healthcare, with our in-depth knowledge of multicultural consumers and their cultural mindset to customer experience, we have guided a variety of clients to increased effectiveness in acquisition and retention efforts.

SSG in Numbers

Our journey, together with our clients, says it all. We love what we do!

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Creative Leadership

For over 20 years, SSG has worked with hundreds of leadership teams to create relevant business solutions for multicultural and Multicultural and Inclusive populations, providing the necessary insights and business case data.

Innovative and Experienced Team

Minority Business Certified and Hispanic and LGBT owned, following are the key members of the highly diverse and experienced SSG Team, ready to bring their knowledge, wisdom and “how to” experience to your business challenge:

  • Carlos
  • Derene
  • Tatiana
  • Sofia
  • Manuel
  • Alyssa

Insights & Press

Beyond Pride: Embracing Authentic LGBTQ+ Representation 365

Beyond Pride: Embracing Authentic LGBTQ+ Representation 365

In a recent webinar hosted by AIMM, experts from SSG and Target 10 shared, Carlos Santiago and Matt Tumminello, share valuable insights and strategies for brands aiming to authentically connect with LGBTQ+ consumers. The session emphasized the importance of moving...

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