Tapping Into Consumers’ Healthy Movement Through A Total Market Insights Approach

With a goal toward accessing Total Market strategies through the growing healthy-driven movement, SGG has launched SSG Wellness Spectrum™ powered by GfK MRI, an advanced analytics tool designed to incorporate wellness propensities & consumption insights to ground Total Market strategies across segments.

With a goal toward accessing Total Market strategies through the growing healthy-driven movement, SGG has launched SSG Wellness Spectrumpowered by GfK MRI, an advanced analytics tool designed to incorporate wellness propensities & consumption insights to ground Total Market strategies across segments. This tool enables marketers to proactively integrate diverse segment considerations by factoring in from inception the nuanced purchase motivators of each segment, while leveraging the common wellness interests of all consumers.

The Wellness Spectrum analyses ease the decision to elect the proper Total Market strategy for each brand.  With this robust comprehensive planning tool, the nuances of each segment are brought forth to facilitate decisions including: messaging, discerning growth segments, selecting mass path to purchase tactics, 1-to-1 targeted tactics via digital, and whom to include in advocacy efforts after the purchase.

The innovative Wellness Spectrum is rooted in individuals’ wellness mindsets and behaviors – the personal values and lifestyle choices that guide healthy, convenience, and indulgent brand purchases.  At the highest level, shoppers were classified within three major clusters, reflecting degrees of wellness disciplines:

  • Savvy Indulgents – Cost-conscious individuals who do not care to cook. These individuals are rarely found at a gym but may often be playing soccer with friends. They are hunters in games, actions and mindsets and will not compromise taste for wellness sakes.
  • Busy Strivers – Make a great effort to balance their busy lives, yet are more driven by convenience rather than health. They might try to sneak in a Pilates work out to shed some excess pounds but they often choose semi-prepared foods that require little additional work.
  • Fit & Holistic – Live by the motto: “You are what you eat and wear.” They understand and incorporate healthy lifestyle choices. They shop with the environment in mind, purchasing organic food products and listen to the doctor.

The distinctions between the three segments are clearly evident across significant differences in product categories, brands and retail purchase choices.  For example, Fit and Holistic are 2 times as likely to check nutritional content before they buy and are almost 3 times as likely to eat a healthy breakfast every day.  Savvy Indulgents, on the other hand, are more likely to make choices for the moment, indulging in microwavable dinners and energy drinks at twice the rates as the Fit and Holistic.  Fit & Holistic consumers are not meant to be the panacea for every brand as they reflect the healthiest lifestyles, attitudes, decisions and even green choices.

In launching the Spectrum at the Hispanic Retail 360 conference, SSG utilized two actual breakfast products popular across multiple segments to exemplify how the predictive analytics tool can help guide what Total Market strategy may be the best approach for each brand.

Activia’s New Growth is coming from Busy Strivers and OCR’s Growth is Coming equally from Busy Strivers and Fit&Holistic

A Total Market approach for Activia should ideally be both Hispanic-segment-specific and Cross-Cultural, while Oatmeal Crisp benefits most from a Cross-Cultural approach.

In the case of Activia yogurt, the current Share of Base is vastly White Non-Hispanic, yet, its Share of Growth is mostly driven by Hispanic Busy Strivers which happen to be Millennials.  This would indicate that a Total Market approach for Activia should ideally focus on a Hispanic segment-specific approach to deliver faster growth and a cross-cultural approach to maintain the base.

For popular Oatmeal Crisp with Raisins cereal, the Share of Base is nearly equally White Non-Hispanic and Multicultural.  Unlike Activia yogurt, the source of growth for this cereal comes mostly from Busy Strivers nearly equally split between White Non-Hispanic and Hispanic. This would indicate that a cross-cultural Total Market approach might prove effective.

Overall results of the Wellness Spectrum analytics revealed that there is a growing market movement towards Fit & Holistic lifestyle.  People are progressively trying to make healthier lifestyle and food choices, resulting in consumers becoming more discerning about wellness, and demanding more natural, recognizable ingredients and healthier products.  Accelerated brand growth will come to those companies who are more proactive leaders in healthy-driven innovation.  Current Best-in-Class companies like PepsiCo are projecting to triple their ‘Good For You’ portfolio by 2020.

What most attitudinal segmentations lack in actionability and measurability, the SSG Wellness Spectrum™ goes the extra mile as it can identify and score individuals by wellness propensity segments, SSG Wellness Personas™, in consumer databases. Similarly, through Big Data vendors like Axciom, it can chose individuals belonging to the wellness segments that fit a brand’s best growth prospects within a retail trade area to guide 1-to-1 digital marketing to drive traffic to special promos and experiences at a specific retailer nearby.

The SSG Wellness Spectrum is the joint property of GfK US, LLC and Santiago Solutions Group, Inc., to learn more click HERE.



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