Health and Wellness Attitudes Shared by Black, Hispanic, and Asian Segments

February 27, 2023
by Santiago Solutions Group

In today’s society, health and wellness have become a priority for Americans. However, at Santiago Solutions Group, we know that consumer’s views on health and wellness are largely dependent on their background, culture, and overall access to care.  Healthcare and health outcomes are varied across racial and ethnic groups, but surprisingly, Asian, Black, and Hispanic segments share similar attitudes toward health and wellness.

Multicultural segments tend to have a “glass half full” perspective regarding health and wellness.  Despite below-average access to quality healthcare, Black Americans are more optimistic about their health and wellness and compared to White Non-Hispanics, over-index more than 20 percent in believing they are healthy, trying new diets, and willing to try new health trends and other health and wellness behaviors. Black Americans, Hispanics, and Asians also over-index ranging from 22%-35% compared to White Non-Hispanics in categories like eating healthier and believing they are healthy.

Understanding how different demographic segments search for health and wellness information is crucial for effective marketing and advertising strategies. Black Americans also lead by 35%-48% compared to White Non-Hispanics in searching for health and wellness information such as magazines, TV advertisements, pamphlets/brochures, and talking among fellow patients that share the same conditions. Hispanic and Asian segments also share this with Black Americans, though with lower indexes of 24%-33%  compared to White Non-Hispanic. Asian, Black, and Hispanic segments use the internet to search for health information but are at parity with White Non-Hispanic incidence.

It’s important to understand behavioral nuances and preferences among different segments when it comes to over-the-counter medicines and natural remedies to tailor targeting strategies and product development for specific audiences. Compared to White Non-Hispanics, Asians, and Hispanics over-index by 37%-55% in using natural remedies and over-the-counter medications, and Black Americans over-index by 31%-42%. Each of the three segments prefers to use homemade remedies and over-the-counter medication instead of going to the doctor. Through custom research, SSG can dive deeper to uncover the attitudinal and behavioral similarities and nuances across various demographic segments.

In conclusion, understanding healthcare, medication, communication, and wellness preferences across various demographic segments gives marketers the opportunity to create specific offerings that better fit the needs of underserved communities. Furthermore, drug and healthcare marketers can create better approaches to target audiences more effectively by developing a better understanding of communication messages that resonate best with certain audiences such as messaging tactics, brochures, pamphlets, television advertisements, etc. Our research at SSG has shown that Multicultural segments have unique health and wellness perspectives and similarities across racial and generational lines. Our multicultural marketing consultants can help you tailor your marketing strategies to create an approach that effectively meets the unique needs and preferences of your audiences.

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