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Generational and Cultural Orientation Study

Cultural orientation is the degree to which individuals actively engage in certain parts of culture (food, music, language, media, celebrations, etc.). It provides marketers with concrete measures on how Hispanics are adopting the American culture relative to their native culture. In addition, cultural orientation is different from acculturation, which relies on proxy variables (i.e., language) – and should not replace it. ... Read More

Getting C/E Right Across Segments: Driving Acquisition & Retention

Excellence in customer experience has become the critical differentiator in today’s competitive marketplace where your customers will not hesitate to blog, tweet or post about their experience with your brand. In fact, poor customer engagement results in an estimated $83 billion loss by U.S. enterprises each year because of defections, abandoned purchases and negative word of mouth.

Creating and managing a framework for exceeding customer expectations can significantly impact business results. With decades of consulting experience, Santiago Solutions Group has been helping clients enhance their customers’ experience in this digital age and we want to share some of our industry insights and experience with you.

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Targeting the Best Hispanic Consumer

AHAA conducted the first study that measures the cultural orientation of Hispanics with implications on category and product usage. We are living an era of tremendous demographic change and leading companies view Hispanics as an important segment to drive corporate growth. There is a need to understand Hispanic consumers cross-culturally. ... Read More

America’s New Upscale Segment: Latinos!

AHAA expands its thought leadership platform well into 2014 with a series of studies to educate marketers on the increased need to segment properly for higher ROI and not treat the vast Hispanic market as one size fits all. This study unveils Doing Total Market Right, and latest Hispanic ROI in the Financial & Insurance Sectors analysis will round out this comprehensive effort. ... Read More

S-M-A-R-T Growth Through Opportunity Right-Sizing

Quick tips on SSG’s strategic planning framework to right-size Hispanic opportunity, right-resource the initiative across the organization and attain broad corporate buy-in. One of the biggest obstacles in growing Hispanic market share is accurately sizing the prize of the market opportunity for products and services. Over a decade of strategy consulting among hundreds of clients and tens of categories, we have found that businesses are hungry for making informed “go or no-go” decisions, setting realistic objectives that the organization can undertake and determining how much to invest for optimal growth and reasonable ROI. ... Read More


Growing business under the Affordable Care Act requires managing change and taking advantage of new opportunities. Our SSG team has helped national and regional leaders in the healthcare sector ready themselves for the changing landscape. ... Read More

Hispanic Allocation Impact on Revenue Growth Series: Part III Tech, Telecom & Entertainment – AHAA Study

July 17, 2012.- This is the third part of the study commissioned by AHAA’s Research Committee and developed and executed by Santiago Solutions Group (SSG), a growth strategy consultancy. While Hispanics accounted for 17% of the population in the US, they also contributed to 34.8% of the growth in the Tech-Telecom-Entertainment consumer base. During 2006-2010, the Hispanic consumer base in the Tech-Telecom-Entertainment category grew 3 times faster than the Non-Hispanic consumer base. ... Read More

Hispanic Impact on Growth

Hispanic Allocation Impact on Revenue Growth Series: Part III - Tech, Telecom & Entertaiment AHAA Study Get the FULL AHAA webinar: Part III - Tech, Telecom & Entertaiment ... Read More

Hispanic Allocation Impact on Revenue Growth Series: Part II CPG Sector – AHAA Study

March 7, 2012.- The second part of Santiago Solutions Group's study reveals there is a direct & positive relationship between CPG’s Hispanic ad allocation and their topline revenue growth. All companies have growing challenge of balancing competing needs: holding on to "General Market," finding new growth, and capturing fair share of growth markets. There is a direct & positive relationship between CPG’s Hispanic ad allocation and their topline revenue growth. Get recorded AHAA Webinar: ‘CPG Hispanic Allocation’ ... Read More



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CIIM Programming Insights – INFOGRAPHIC

CIIM programming1-pic

Cultural Insight Impact Measure is the industry leading metric that validates the impact and effectiveness of cultural insights in ads […]

These 6 Ads Are the Most Effective Multicultural Marketing Messages in Recent Years


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The Cultural Impact of Network Programming


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