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Polls Show Latinos and Republicans Still Drifting Apart – US Visa Associates

As Congress’ attention to lawmaking wanes in place of politicking and mid-term elections, a string of new polls are emerging that further depict the strained relationship between Latinos and Republicans. The GOP strategy of alienating the fastest growing demographic through harsh rhetoric and the blockage of immigration reform is starting to reap results. Much like polls that emerged after the failure of comprehensive immigration reform in 2007, Latinos are steadily edging away from the GOP. ... Read More

Immigration Debate Impacting Latinos At Many Levels – Hispanic Market Weekly

September 6, 2010 by Hispanic Market Weekly.- Latinos’ perception of where the U.S. is going has been negatively impacted by the immigration controversy and Arizona law S.B. 1070 which targets undocumented immigration, reveals a study conducted by LatinoMetrics on behalf of the Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies (AHAA). ... Read More

Hispanic Marketing Investment Trends 2009 – AHAA

Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies - Santiago ROI helps in the analysis of tracking the Hispanic advertising investments of top 500 advertisers by category. ... Read More

Changes in US Latino Mindset & Social Behavior – Arizona SB1070 Law – Hispanic

The Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies held a webinar today with agency members and selected guest to present highlights of the findings of a study that gauge the impact of the Arizona SB1070 law and potential copycat usage of the law in other states across the USA. ... Read More

The New American Electorate (October 2010) – Immigration Policy Center

October 14, 2010 by Immigration Policy Center.- At a time when federal, state, and local elections are often decided by small voting margins—with candidates frequently locked in ferocious competition for the ballots of those “voting blocs” that might turn the electoral tide in their favor—one large and growing bloc of voters has been consistently overlooked and politically underestimated: New Americans. ... Read More

DC: Latino Voters Who Want Immigration Reform May Not Vote If Legislation Doesn’t Come up This Year – The American Independent

July 15, 2010 by Elise Foley, The American Independent.- Following up on Jesse’s new piece on why anti-GOP backlash hasn’t appeared among Latino voters, a poll released today gives additional insight into how how Latinos will vote this November. ... Read More

Translating Hispanic Marketing into Shareholder Value – Contacto Magazine

November 2006.- With shareholders demanding higher and better returns, companies are examining all facets of their strategy to see what delivers. A new study released by Santiago Solutions Group (SSG), found that companies might want to take a harder look at their Hispanic marketing strategy to see how it translates into bottom-line profitability. ... Read More

Why Insights Matter – Hispanic Market Weekly

A close look at the target audience and the revelations gleaned from one-on-one outreach in preparation for "Espíritu de Progreso Latino" were crucial to the campaign's success. ... Read More

Latinos Hard Hit by Economy but Cautiously Optimistic –

December 22, 2009 Latinos, hit harshly by the recession, close 2009 with mixed perceptions about their well-being and where the country is headed, but they are generally supportive of Obama and health care reform. ... Read More

Latinos Overwhelmingly support Health Care Reform –

December 21, 2009 Latinos close 2009 with the economy and jobs as the most important issue yet give overwhelming support to health care reform. ... Read More

Multicultural Segments Growth Surges 58%; White NH Decline Accelerates


Non-Hispanic White Segment Decline Accelerates. Multicultural segments jumped 2.8M from 2016 to 2017 compared to a 1.8M increase from 2015 […]

Spanish Dominant* Hispanics Financial Optimism Soars in 2018


Now nearly 6 in 10 Spanish Dominant Hispanics have an optimistic view about their finances over the next 12 months, […]

Census Consensus: ‘Citizenship’ Would Be A Headache For Advertising, Media – MediaPost

March 28, 2018. MediaPost by Joe Mandase.- Obvious partisan political implications aside, the Trump White House’s push to add a […]

Las Perspectivas Económicas del Mercado Multicultural Se Ven Muy Poderosas PRODU

Jan 16, 2018. PRODU.- Para Santiago Solutions Group, el panorama es alentador para el segmento multicultural en EE UU. “Los […]