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Are Hispanics and Millennials ACA procrastinators? Don’t Blame them. They Need More.

Shopping for healthcare has become a frightening experience for 2 million exchange eligible consumers. Although enhancements were made to federal and state exchanges call centers and online platforms, the experience they offered was far from “best-in-class”. This was especially so for Hispanic and Millennial (ages 18-34) eligibles, who are facing a range of enrollment obstacles that go beyond the now infamous Obamacare site glitches. ... Read More

In Cancer As In Marketing, Segmentation and Differences May Hold the Key to Improved Results

One of the conference highlights of 2013 was certainly the Multicultural Health Marketing National Conference organized by DTC Perspectives. There, Dr. Otis W. Brawley, MD, Chief Medical and Scientific Officer at the American Cancer Society presented an alarming fact: Differences in healthcare behaviors and treatments among segments is leading to increased deaths among Hispanics and African Americans. ... Read More

2014 New Year’s Resolutions for Total Market

The end of the old year and the start of the New Year always find individuals searching for the “perfect formula” to resolve life situations, such as diet, love, and career. The start of the year can also find business strategists searching for a unique “formula” they can launch in the New Year that will positively impact growth. ... Read More

Revamping Growth for Health & Wellness Brands through Predictive Analytics

Everywhere consumers go, they are being bombarded by messages that tell them that brand A is ever so slightly healthier than brand B. Consumers are noticing, and more purchasing decisions are being made on the basis of health and wellness. ... Read More

Considering “Total Market” Strategies? Research & the Front-lines Offer Positive Outlook

For those brands still deciding on the merits of Total Market (TM) strategies and whether to make the shift, the panel presenting the preliminary results of AHAA: The Voice of Hispanic Marketing’s Total Market benchmark study at the recent Association of National Advertisers (ANA) Multicultural Conference, made compelling arguments on the need to evolve towards Total Market strategies. ... Read More

ACA Bumpy Rollout Learnings for Customer/Patient Experience

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) opened enrollment just two months ago and, while much has been said about the government’s implementation, little has been said about the consumer’s journey or the role the health insurance companies play—or not play—along the way. ... Read More

Customer Acquisition & Media Revolutionaries: Enhancing ROI with Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics promises to revolutionize the way marketing strategy for customer acquisition and retention can be executed, by empowering marketers with a more scientific and actionable approach to strategy development. ... Read More

Top Opportunity for the Holiday Season: All Newly Employed “Santa’s” Are Multicultural

Hispanic and Asian American segments are leading the current job recovery as indicated by positive Labor Force growth, Employment, and decrease in unemployment (negative numbers in chart). Meanwhile White Non-Hispanics are leaving the Labor Force instead of staying as other Multicultural segments and have caused a rapid reduction in the labor market. ... Read More

Total Market Growth Approach Made Simple: From “Connectors” Insights and Core Alignment to Innovative Products and Retail Strategies

At the recent 2013 Hispanic Retail 360 Summit, a cross-channel conference, CPGs, retail experts converged to share insights on successful programs. There was unilateral agreement that now is the time to act strategically on the opportunities to approach the Hispanic and non-Hispanic consumers in unison. ... Read More

7 Habits of Effective Growth Leaders – Part 2 (4 of 7)

Leading growth in today’s dynamic and changing marketplace requires more than the traditional marketing practices that have been in place for years. In our October newsletter, we talked about how Effective Growth Leaders are winning market share and consumer based growth in their industries vis-à-vis their competitors because they are doing things differently. ... Read More

ANA/AIMM Commitment to Systemic Change in Marketing

Join the pledge crop

At ANA and AIMM, we strongly believe that every person — regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, ability, […]



CIIM makes a direct correlation between culture and business performance such as enhance brand perception, increased ad effectiveness, and lift […]

CIIM Programming Insights – INFOGRAPHIC

CIIM programming1-pic

Cultural Insight Impact Measure is the industry leading metric that validates the impact and effectiveness of cultural insights in ads […]

These 6 Ads Are the Most Effective Multicultural Marketing Messages in Recent Years


“Nothing Comes Easy” by Grey New York for Procter & Gamble is among a small group of top-performing multicultural ads. […]