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U.S. Labor Force: Multicultural Millennial Tipping Point

The U.S. economy has not benefited from the economic boom of past young adults’(25-34 year olds) typical household formation spending spree. Multicultural Millennials are now driving the growth of overall Millennials joining the gainfully employed. For newly employed Millennials, new jobs are the gateway to a new life stage. ... Read More

Ten Most Influential Total Market States Part II: Buying Power [INFOGRAPHIC]

The U.S. economy hinges on the 10 leading TM states where Multicultural purchase power makes up about a third of the base and also a major contributor to the incremental Buying Power. In fact, over 4 in 10 new consumer purchasing dollars are generated by Multicultural segments in the Top 10 TM states as opposed to 1 in 5 in the other 40 states. ... Read More

Total Market ROI Watch: Q1’14 Labor Growth Change and Impact on U.S. Economy

Multicultural is 'the' growth epicenter fueling the nation's economy. In Q1 2014 again, the changing face of those newly employed and their incremental impact in the overall U.S. economy was clearly driven by Multicultural segments, largely by Hispanics. A solid Total Market strategy that puts the newly employed in the center may be translated into real topline growth. ... Read More

Ten Most Influential Total Market States Part I: Population [INFOGRAPHIC]

SSG’s ’10 Most Influential States’ reveal the evolution towards a new mainstream. The transformation evident in these leading TM states has vast impact on immediate growth opportunities and quarterly corporate outcomes. This is the first in SSG’s continuing review of economic and behavioral game-changing factors, starting with populations shifts. Half of the US population and two-thirds of the US overall growth is generated by the Top TM states collectively. By 2020, Multicultural segments will become the majority segment in these 10 states as a group. ... Read More

“Collaborative Buying”: Hispanics & Millennials Share Decision-Making & Shopping

For marketers trying to “break the code” with Hispanic and Millennial segments, one key may be in a common decision-making pattern shared by both: They are “collaborative buyers” or “sharing shoppers,” strongly dependent on family and social spheres of influence when making purchasing decisions. Winning these segments over, whether for insurers trying to enroll them into the ACA or for a CPG trying to sell them a personal product, or for a luxury retailer, may have as much to do with building a trusted, positive & successful relationship, and allowing that impact to ripple outward through the family, communities and marketplace. ... Read More

ACA’s “Last Call” Micro-Targets Hispanics with Segment-Specific Tactics

With less than 4 four weeks left, President Obama, in a Latino Town Hall address, led an “all-out” campaign targeted to Hispanics and addressing their specific issues and barriers that have kept them from enrolling in ACA. The communications push brought together celebrities, national & local leaders, community groups, and “real” people, on the three largest Spanish-language media outlets, Univision, Telemundo and impreMedia, live webcast and social media. ... Read More

Labor Force Watch [INFOGRAPHIC]

Labor Market Change (Mar'11 - Feb'14).- The labor force market has grown slightly at 0.5%. The good news is employment is growing and unemployment is decreasing. Hispanics fuel a major portion of White-Collar job gains while in a declining Blue-Collar sector, Hispanics are retaining more jobs. ... Read More

4 Steps to Closing the Healthcare Literacy Gap and Increase Hispanic & Millennial ACA Enrollment

Analysis of recent ACA numbers in California revealed a surprising statistic: Hispanics and Millennials are signing up for the ACA Exchange at half the rate of Non-Hispanics. While initial assumptions pointed to the highly publicized challenges shared by most consumers during the initial enrollment period, deeper delving by Santiago Solutions Group (SSG) indicates that Hispanics and Millennials share a common problem which affected their low ACA enrollment levels: a Healthcare literacy gap. ... Read More

An Innovative Model to Maximize Healthy Lifestyle Consumers in ACA Pools

With the advent of the ACA, competition for new customers is intense. Most sales and marketing focus is on amassing quantity by securing the highest enrollment numbers possible. But an alternative, valuable perspective is emerging which suggests that measuring ACA success should be about more than just numbers. Targeting Healthy Lifestyle individuals can yield base that increases competitive edge ... Read More

Who’s driving the Growth for Food Stores? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Major shifts: Hispanics & Multicultural non-Hispanic generated six in ten of all new grocery buyers between 2011 to 2013. Health-Natural stores buyers growth rate was led by Most Acculturated Hispanic segment. Hispanics led in Mass/Discount growth rate. On the other hand, Least Acculturated buyers declined sharply for Hispanic Grocery stores and C- stores. Millennials led in the growth rate of Low-Tier and in the decline of Mid-Tier. ... Read More

ANA/AIMM Commitment to Systemic Change in Marketing

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At ANA and AIMM, we strongly believe that every person — regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, ability, […]



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CIIM Programming Insights – INFOGRAPHIC

CIIM programming1-pic

Cultural Insight Impact Measure is the industry leading metric that validates the impact and effectiveness of cultural insights in ads […]

These 6 Ads Are the Most Effective Multicultural Marketing Messages in Recent Years


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