Healthcare Applications

SSG Wellness Spectrum™ powered by GfK MRI

Half of all health related diseases are caused by preventable conditions correlated with lifestyle choices.

A classification system of attitudes & mindsets that drive lifestyle choices, wellness receptivity and engagement.

 Health Care Applications

  • Relevant Communications Messaging
  • Highest Wellness Propensity Adopters
  • Geo-targeted & Individually Targeted  Efforts
  • Wellness Rewards Programs
  • Disease Prevention & Management
  • Cost Management

 Growth Insights

  1. Understand Wellness Clusters Within LOBs: ACA, IFP, Group, Medicare
  2. Score Membership & Footprint Prospects
  3. Identify Triggers To Wellness Habits
  4. Define Best Media Mix & Channels For Engagement
  5. Formulate Pilots With Segments Of Strongest Resonance

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