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ACA Bumpy Rollout Learnings for Customer/Patient Experience

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) opened enrollment just two months ago and, while much has been said about the government’s implementation, little has been said about the consumer’s journey or the role the health insurance companies play—or not play—along the way. ... Read More

Customer Acquisition & Media Revolutionaries: Enhancing ROI with Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics promises to revolutionize the way marketing strategy for customer acquisition and retention can be executed, by empowering marketers with a more scientific and actionable approach to strategy development. ... Read More

Top Opportunity for the Holiday Season: All Newly Employed “Santa’s” Are Multicultural

Hispanic and Asian American segments are leading the current job recovery as indicated by positive Labor Force growth, Employment, and decrease in unemployment (negative numbers in chart). Meanwhile White Non-Hispanics are leaving the Labor Force instead of staying as other Multicultural segments and have caused a rapid reduction in the labor market. ... Read More

Total Market Growth Approach Made Simple: From “Connectors” Insights and Core Alignment to Innovative Products and Retail Strategies

At the recent 2013 Hispanic Retail 360 Summit, a cross-channel conference, CPGs, retail experts converged to share insights on successful programs. There was unilateral agreement that now is the time to act strategically on the opportunities to approach the Hispanic and non-Hispanic consumers in unison. ... Read More

7 Habits of Effective Growth Leaders – Part 2 (4 of 7)

Leading growth in today’s dynamic and changing marketplace requires more than the traditional marketing practices that have been in place for years. In our October newsletter, we talked about how Effective Growth Leaders are winning market share and consumer based growth in their industries vis-à-vis their competitors because they are doing things differently. ... Read More

Increasing the Emotional Connection with Multicultural Customers Through the Contact Center

Social media may be the new rule in consumer engagement, but the old-fashioned phone call continues to be the touchpoint having the biggest impact between people and brands. The Contact Center is the voice of your company. Being that there are already multiple challenges that determine your customer’s experience, ... Read More

Millennials and Hispanics Fuel Private Label Growth

We’ve told you about how the lingering effects of the Great Recession have opened a new era in U.S. society we call Society Reset, as consumers adjust their behaviors to meet more realistic economic expectations. One marker is the drive toward Private Label (store brands) food product purchases across several demographic segments.

... Read More

7 Habits of Effective Growth Leaders – Part 1 (3 of 7)

Today more than ever, companies are struggling to grow. Whether through trial and error, comprehensive analysis, or sheer luck, businesses are trying many things, hoping to find the key to edge out the competition. We searched for answers by studying effective growth leaders who are winning market share and consumer base growth in their industries vis-à-vis their competitors. ... Read More

Customer Experience: “Satisfied is Not Enough”

Talk about connectivity! Nowadays, consumers are able to touch brands in all manners of ways. Whether it’s through a Website, smart phone, tablet, call center or retail location, the times, places and manners in which brands can make an impression – satisfactory, neutral or unsatisfactory – are infinitesimal and ever-evolving. ... Read More

“Double Plays” Provide an Advantage in Baseball & Total Market Approach

In baseball, a double play is the act of making two outs during the same continuous playing action. Double plays give a team a strong advantage over their opponents, by reducing their opportunity to score -- in the most efficient manner possible. ... Read More

Las Perspectivas Económicas del Mercado Multicultural Se Ven Muy Poderosas PRODU

Jan 16, 2018. PRODU.- Para Santiago Solutions Group, el panorama es alentador para el segmento multicultural en EE UU. “Los […]

2018 Multicultural Economy Outlook


U.S. Marketers are quickly shifting growth priorities among multicultural (MC) segments, especially since the White Non-Hispanic (WNH) segment has been […]

Multicultural Economy Outlook 2018

U.S. Marketers are quickly shifting growth priorities among multicultural (MC) segments, especially since the White Non-Hispanic (WNH) segment has been […]

2016: A Premature Tipping Point in US Growth


This past year marked a turning point for the White Non-Hispanic population which declined for the first time ever, 10 […]